January 29, 2018

An exciting fellowship in Ireland, along with some interesting techniques in today’s digest!

Events and jobs
APEX (APC Postdoctoral EXcellence) Fellowship – Ireland
Fellowships will be offered in the four thematic APC research areas of ‘Microbes to Molecules’, ‘Diet and Microbes at the Extremes of Life’, ‘Brain-Gut-Microbiota Axis’ and ‘Host-Microbe Dialogue’. Adhering to the MSCA principle of ‘individual-driven mobility’.

Multi-site human microbiome
Review: Rethinking Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in the Transplant Patient in the World of Emerging Resistant Organisms-Where Are We Today? – Lucy E Horton – Current Hematologic Malignancy Reports

Human gut microbiome
Metabolic mechanisms of interaction within a defined gut microbiota – Gregory Leonard Medlock – bioRxiv

Gastric bacterial flora in patients harbouring Helicobacter pylori with or without chronic dyspepsia: analysis with matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectroscopy – Verima Pereira – Bmc Gastroenterology

Review: Molecular Paths linking Metabolic Diseases, Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis and Enterobacteria Infections – M Serino – Journal of Molecular Biology
(DOI not availabe yet, linked to PubMed)

Animal microbiome
Metagenomic investigation of vestimentiferan tubeworm endosymbionts from Mid-Cayman Rise reveals new insights into metabolism and diversity – Julie Reveillaud – Microbiome

Microbiome structure influences infection by the parasite Crithidia bombi in bumble bees – Blair K Mockler – Applied And Environmental Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
The impact of failure: unsuccessful bacterial invasions steer the soil microbial community away from the invader’s niche – C A Mallon – The Isme Journal

Methanogens are major contributors to nitrogen fixation in soils of the Florida Everglades – Hee-Sung Bae – Applied And Environmental Microbiology

Apple endophytic microbiota of different rootstock/scion combinations suggests a genotype-specific influence – Jia Liu – Microbiome

Water and extremophile microbiome
Bioavailability of mineral-bound iron to a snow algae-bacteria co-culture and implications for albedo-altering snow algae blooms – Z R Harrold – Applied And Environmental Microbiology

Built environment
Structure, variation, and assembly of the deterioration-associated microbiome of stone monuments – Qiang Li – Applied And Environmental Microbiology

Targeting Bacteria and Methanogens to Understand the Role of Residual Slurry as an Inoculant in Stored Liquid Dairy Manure – Jemaneh Habtewold – Applied And Environmental Microbiology

Novel method reveals a narrow phylogenetic distribution of bacterial dispersers in environmental communities exposed to low hydration conditions. – U S Krüger – Applied And Environmental Microbiology

Combining 16S rRNA gene variable regions enables high-resolution microbial community profiling. – Garold Fuks – Microbiome

Microbes in the news
What To Do If You Are Worried About Flesh Eating Bacteria – Bruce Y. Lee – Forbes

Be aware: Certain bacteria may increase HIV risk for women – Hindustan Times (see yesterday’s post for the paper in from Lancet Infectious Diseases)

New Astronaut Food Recipe Combines Human Waste and Bacteria – Jonathan Kesh – Outer Places

‘Bug memories’ could help fight looming crisis – Jamie Morton – New Zealand Herald

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