July 1, 2017

General microbiome

The microbiome in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients and cancer patients: Opportunities for clinical advances that reduce infection – AY Koh – PLoS Pathogens

Research Highlight: New insights into the BAT–liver–gut axis – A Morris – Nature Reviews

Biodiversity and ecosystem function: making sense of numerous species interactions in multi-species communities – C Brophy – Ecology

Obstruction of pilus retraction stimulates bacterial surface sensing – CK Ellison – bioRxiv


Human gut microbiome

Hospital association of the gut microbiota mobilome in preterm infants – A Ravi – Pediatric Research


Human respiratory microbiome

Maturation of the Infant Respiratory Microbiota, Environmental Drivers and Health Consequences: A Prospective Cohort Study – AATM Bosch – Am J Respir Crit Care Med.

Review: Perna canaliculus and the Intestinal Microbiome – ET Saltzman – Marine Drugs



Animal microbiome

Host-specific associations affect the microbiome of Philornis downsi, an introduced parasite to the Galápagos Islands – MY Ben – Molecular Ecology

Comparative genome analysis of the Flavobacteriales bacterium strain UJ101, isolated from the gut of Atergatis reticulatus – JA Yang – Journal of Microbiology


Plant, root and soil microbiome

Ammonia oxidizer populations vary with nitrogen cycling across a tropical montane mean annual temperature gradient – S Pierre – Ecology

Bacterial periphytic communities related to mercury methylation within aquatic plant roots from a temperate freshwater lake (South-Western France) – S Gentès – Environ Sci Pollut Res Int.

Consistently inconsistent drivers of microbial diversity and abundance at macroecological scales – JN Hendershot – Ecology

Living cover crops have immediate impacts on soil microbial community structure and function – DM Finney – Journal of Soil and Water Conservation

Draft Genome Sequence of Pseudomonas koreensis CI12, a Bacillus cereus “Hitchhiker” from the Soybean Rhizosphere – GL Lozano – Genome Announcements

Colonization and Maize Growth Promotion Induced by Phosphate Solubilizing Bacterial Isolates – Y Li – International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Biogeography and ecological diversity patterns of rare and abundant bacteria in oil-contaminated soils – S Jiao – Molecular Ecology


Water microbiome and extremophiles

Organohalide respiration with chlorinated ethenes under low pH conditions – Y Yang – Environmental Science & Technology


Microbes in news

These Cleaning Bots Can Zap Bacteria Out of Your Water Supply in Minutes – D Nield – Science Alert

Four strains of bacteria work together to produce pigment for food and cosmetics industry – ML Martialay – Phys.org

Texas: Fecal bacteria levels at Gulf beaches ahead of Fourth of July holiday weekend – K Bradshaw – mySA

Gut microbiome’s link to the brain – S Downing – Nine.com

Breast Milk Bacteria are Important for Establishing Infant Gut Microbiome – S Parmar – Medical News Bulletin

Fig Enzyme could Help to fight Infection and Heal Wounds – DN Gameiro – Labiotech.eu

Gut Health: The Next Mega-Trend in Health and Wellness – H Schieber – Researchci

I spent three days as a hunter-gatherer to see if it would improve my gut health – T Spector – Medical Xpress

Altering gut bacteria pathways may stimulate fat tissue to prevent obesity – Medical Xpress

The broiler chicken intestine – an apt target for proteomic studies – E O’Reilly – BMC Blog Network

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