December 17, 2016

Periodontal pathogens in crack users, the human gut microbiome in health and disease, iron availability during polymicrobial infection, ecology of soil microorganisms, lake diurnal dynamics.

Human oral microbiome

* “Cut that ivory into skinny pieces, then she clean it with her face” (The Weeknd – Starboy lyrics):  RT-PCR quantification of periodontal pathogens in crack users and non-users – M Casarin

The Subgingival Microbiome, Systemic Inflammation and Insulin Resistance: The Oral Infections, Glucose Intolerance and Insulin Resistance Study (ORIGINS) – Ryan T. Demmer – Journal of Clinical Periodontology

Human gut microbiome

Prospective Randomized Controlled Study on the Effects of Saccharomyces boulardii CNCM I-745 and Amoxicillin-Clavulanate or the Combination on the Gut Microbiota of Healthy Volunteers – Toufic A Kabbani – Gut Microbes

Modulation of a Circulating Uremic Solute via Rational Genetic Manipulation of the Gut Microbiota – A. Sloan Devlin – Cell Host & Microbe
Preview: Microbial Modulation of a Uremic Toxin – Sarah M. Skye – Cell Host & Microbe

Host–microbiome interactions in human type 2 diabetes following prebiotic fibre (galacto-oligosaccharide) intake – Camilla Pedersen – British Journal of Nutrition

Poster abstract: In vitro study of the interaction between human gut microbiota and herbal extracts using willow bark extract as an example – EM Pferschy-Wenzig – Planta Medica

Poster abstract: Metabolic fate of ellagitannins in human gut microbiota ex vivo cultures – JP Piwowarski – Planta Medica

Commentary: Do diverticula provide a unique niche for microbiota which can lead to activation of the innate immune system? – Robin C Spiller – Gut

* Review: The Human Intestinal Microbiome in Health and Disease – Susan V. Lynch – The New England Journal of Medicine

Animal and in vitro experiments

Microbial Community Composition Impacts Pathogen Iron Availability during Polymicrobial Infection – Apollo Stacy – PLOS Pathogens

A genome-wide screen of bacterial mutants that enhance dauer formation in C. elegans – Amit Khanna – Scientific Reports

Research in worms provides a model to study how the microbiome influences disease in humans –

Identification and Characterization of Trimethylamine-N-oxide Uptake and Efflux Transporters – Wendy A. Teft – Molecular Pharmaceutics

Hydrolysis of Dicaffeoylquinic Acids from Ilex kudingcha Happens in the Colon by Intestinal Microbiota – Minhao Xie – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Bacterial Communities Differ among Drosophila melanogaster Populations and Affect Host Resistance against Parasitoids – Mariia Chaplinska – PLOS ONE

Animal microbiome

Amphibian gut microbiota shifts differentially in community structure but converges on habitat-specific predicted functions – Molly C. Bletz – Nature Communications

The genome of Rhizobiales bacteria in predatory ants reveals urease gene functions but no genes for nitrogen fixation – Minna-Maria Neuvonen – Scientific Reports

Poster abstract: How to fight against the decay- the burying beetle and its gut microbiota – P Heise – Planta Medica

Poster abstract: Latrunculid sponges, their microbial communities and secondary metabolites: connecting conserved bacterial symbionts to pyrroloiminoquinone production – RA Dorrington – Planta Medica

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

* Editorial: Special thematic issue on the ecology of soil microorganisms – Petr Baldrian – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Soil DNA metabarcoding and high-throughput sequencing as a forensic tool: considerations, potential limitations and recommendations – J. M. Young – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Distinctive Feature of Microbial Communities and Bacterial Functional Profiles in Tricholoma matsutake Dominant Soil – Seung-Yoon Oh – PLOS ONE

Variations in Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon and Soil Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Re-Vegetation of Hilly Slopes with Purple Soil – Ning Yang – PLOS ONE

Disentangling the influence of earthworms in sugarcane rhizosphere – Lucas P. P. Braga – Scientific Reports

Poster abstract: 3D-Plant2cells project: Spatial metabolomic, spatial metagenomic, and 3D mass spectrometry imaging, to explore the impact of pesticides on plant metabolome and microbiota – LF Nothias – Planta Medica

Poster abstract: Stromatolite microbial communities as a source of new bioactive secondary metabolites – PM Flatt – Planta Medica

Water and pollution microbiome

Lake bacterioplankton dynamics over diurnal timescales – Lorena M. Grubisic – Freshwater Biology

Dynamics of Heterocapsa sp. and the associated attached and free-living bacteria under the influence of dispersed and undispersed crude oil – T. Severin – Letters in Applied Microbiology

More microbiology

Microbial Ecology: Where are we now? – Lisa Boughner and Pallavi Singh – PostDoc Journal

Microbes in the news

Video: Meet Prof Gisèle LaPointe: how microbes play a big role in our health and what she finds most exciting about her research – YouTube

Video: The Microbiology of Beer – Microbes After Hours. With Charles Bamforth, University of California, Davis and Rebecca Newman, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – ASM – YouTube

The ancient viruses of the Arctic – Manchester Metropolitan University

Bacteria, viruses, fungi…oh my! – Jennifer Gonsoulin – ABC3340

7 Benson High School individuals test positive for tuberculosis bacteria – KETV

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