August 10, 2016

Maternal high-fat diet and infant gut microbiome.

Pregnancy and birth

The early infant gut microbiome varies in association with a maternal high-fat diet – Derrick M. Chu – Genome Medicine

Press: Maternal high-fat diet during pregnancy can affect baby’s gut microbesMaternal high-fat diet during pregnancy can affect baby’s gut microbes – Dipali Pathak – Baylor College of Medicine

Human gut microbiome

Review: Microbiota and Neurological Disorders: A Gut Feeling – Walter H Moos – BioResearch Open Access

Press: How do the bugs in your gut affect neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases? – EurekAlert

Animal experiments

Midgut microbiota and host immunocompetence underlie Bacillus thuringiensis killing mechanism – Silvia Caccia – PNAS

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Yeast Biodiversity in Vineyard Environments Is Increased by Human Intervention –
João Drumonde-Neves – PLOS ONE

Microbes in the news

NIH grants $1.8 million for gut microbiome research in obesity, metabolic syndrome – Healio

How The Microbes Inside Us Went From Enemies To Purported Superhealers – Carolyn Beans – NPR

The poop scientist of Japan – and his dream toilet – Sanjena Sathian – Ozy

Gut Bacteria Mind Their Own Clock, Respond to Melatonin – Clinical Oncology

New model sheds light on secondary bacterial pneumonia – EurekAlert

Science, publishing, and career

Analysis of National Institutes of Health R01 Application Critiques, Impact, and Criteria Scores: Does the Sex of the Principal Investigator Make a Difference? – Anna Kaatz – Academic Medicine

The Government is Shortchanging Our Best Lady Scientists – Madison Pauly – Mother Jones


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