February 25, 2016

Two papers about the gut microbiome of Japanese sea cucumbers farmed for food, effects of elevation on forest fungi, pico-eukaryotes under disappearing ice, and nitrification in the San Francisco Bay.

Human gut microbiome

Comment: Faecal microbiota transplantation is promising but not a panacea – Michael J. Sadowsky – Nature Microbiology

Models of microbiome research

In chicken (since that is not clear from the title): Bacteria within the Gastrointestinal Tract Microbiota Correlated with Improved Growth and Feed Conversion: Challenges Presented for the Identification of Performance Enhancing Probiotic Bacteria – Dragana Stanley – Frontiers in Microbiology

Animal microbiome

Gut bacterial diversity of farmed sea cucumbers Apostichopus japonicus with different growth rates – Yujie Sha – Microbiology

Characterization of the gut bacterial community of the Japanese sea cucumber Apostichopus japonicus – E. A. Bogatyrenko – Microbiology

AntsYeast communities of Formica aquilonia colonies – I. A. Maksimova – Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Antibiotics Resistance in Rhizobium: Type, Process, Mechanism and Benefit for Agriculture – Judith Naamala – Current Microbiology

Fungi in Costa Rica: Belowground responses to elevation in a changing cloud forest – Caitlin I. Looby – Ecology and Evolution

Water and extremophile microbiome

Characterization of the structure of the prokaryotic complex of Antarctic permafrost by molecular genetic techniques – N. A. Manucharova – Microbiology

Biogeography and Photosynthetic Biomass of Arctic Marine Pico-Eukaroytes during Summer of the Record Sea Ice Minimum 2012 – Katja Metfies – PLOS ONE

Variable Nitrification Rates Across Environmental Gradients in Turbid, Nutrient-Rich Estuary Waters of San Francisco Bay – Julian Damashek – Estuaries and Coasts

Bioreactors and waste microbiology

Effects of different bulking agents on the maturity, enzymatic activity, and microbial community functional diversity of kitchen waste compost – Xiaojuan Wang – Environmental Technology

Prevalence of plasmid-mediated multidrug resistance determinants in fluoroquinolone-resistant bacteria isolated from sewage and surface water – Adriana Osińska – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Bioinformatics and metagenomics

Comparing different mapping software using anvi’o – A. Murat Eren – Meren Lab blog

Microbes in the news

VCU spotlights internship focused on microbiology at Ardent Craft Ales: 26-year-old Ben Stone is helping the brewery with the finer points of its microbiology – Trevor Dickerson – RVA News

Ikea plans mushroom-based packaging as eco-friendly replacement for polystyrene
Swedish retail giant looks at biodegradable fungus-based packaging to replace polystyrene, which is tricky to recycle – Emily Gosden – The Telegraph

Virginia Tech scientists discover way to track, stop human, agricultural viruses – Augusta Free Press

Microbiology professor James Holden speaks about the intersection of science and religion – Tara Dowd – Daily Collegian


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