February 11, 2015

Human oral microbiome

Extensive Description and Comparison of Human Supra-Gingival Microbiome in Root Caries and Health – Lin Chen – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

Characterization of the Gut Microbiota of Papua New Guineans Using Reverse Transcription Quantitative PCR – Andrew R. Greenhill – PLOS ONE

Animal models

Uncovering effects of antibiotics on the host and microbiota using transkingdom gene networks – Andrey Morgun – Gut

Long-Lasting Effects of Early-Life Antibiotic Treatment and Routine Animal Handling on Gut Microbiota Composition and Immune System in Pigs – Dirkjan Schokker – PLOS ONE

Plant microbiome

A Genomic Encyclopedia of the Root Nodule Bacteria: assessing genetic diversity through a systematic biogeographic survey – Wayne Reeve – Standards in Genomics Sciences

More microbes

Use of 16S rRNA Gene for Identification of a Broad Range of Clinically Relevant Bacterial Pathogens – Ramya Srinivasan – PLOS ONE

Mutualism Breakdown by Amplification of Wolbachia Genes – Ewa Chrostek – Luis Teixeira – PLOS Biology

Intranuclear bacteria: inside the cellular control center of eukaryotes – Frederik Schulz, Matthias Horn – Trends in Cell Biology

Microbes in the news

Satire: Fitbiotics: A secret supplements company, until now known only by high levels athletes, sells the fittest microbiome on Earth – The Megabiome

Must-read for anyone interested in the New York subway microbiome paper: There’s No Plague on the NYC Subway. No Platypuses Either – Ed Yong

Metagenomics best hit analysis: caveat emptor – Nick Loman – Github blog

Win a home microbiome analysis plus 50 giant microbes (if you subscribe to New Scientist) – New Scientist

Drs. Cardelli and Woolard Funded to Study Bacteria in the Intestine – LSU Health

From Solar Energy To Liquid Fuel: Scientists Use Bacteria The Way Plants Do – James Maynard – Tech Times

Science, publishing, and career

Science Communication in Less Than 140 Characters – Lauren Dobischok – Future Science Leaders

How Elementary School Teachers’ Biases Can Discourage Girls From Math and Science – Claire Cain Miller – New York Times

And the winner is: not science – Portrayals of science in the cinema are growing in sophistication — but not exactly at the speed of light – Colin Macilwain – Nature

Bik’s Picks

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Gets a New Name – Karen Barrow – New York Times

Google Now Serving Fact-Checked Medical Search Results – Dan Van Winkle – The Mary Sue

Evolution of Darwin’s finches and their beaks revealed by genome sequencing – Sangeet Lamichhaney – Nature

Long read: The Food Babe: Enemy of Chemicals – James Hamblin – The Atlantic

Why Your Cat May Be More Human Than You Think – Karen Becker – Huffington Post



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