Microbiome digest, July 30

Host diet, sex, and the microbiome, smoking cessation, eukaryotic microbes, CRISPRs and my picks.

Gut microbiome

Individual diet has sex-dependent effects on vertebrate gut microbiota – Daniel I. Bolnick – Nature Communications

“Here we show that gut microbiota composition depends on interactions between host diet and sex within populations of wild and laboratory fish, laboratory mice and humans. “

Smoking Cessation Alters Intestinal Microbiota: Insights from Quantitative Investigations on Human Fecal Samples Using FISH – Biedermann L – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

“As determined by fluorescence in situ hybridization, an independent direct quantitative microbial approach, we could confirm that intestinal microbiota composition in humans is influenced by smoking.”

More microbiology

Diversity of diversity: conceptual and methodological differences in biodiversity estimates of eukaryotic microbes as compared to bacteria – Jean-David Grattepanche – Trends in Microbiology

“High-throughput sequencing tools underestimate the diversity of eukaryotes by removing morphospecies.”

Microbes in the news

A Trip Overseas Could Change The Bugs Living In Your Gut – Bahar Gholipour – Huntington Post

“I was amazed to see how profoundly a single food poisoning event impacted the gut bacteria,” David, who was a researcher at Harvard University at the time of the study, said in a statement.

Researcher Using Next-Generation Sequencing, Other New Methods to Rapidly Identify Pathogens – Joe Montgomery – Kansas State University News Office – Labmanager.com

“Benjamin Hause, an assistant research professor at the Kansas State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Kansas State University, recently published an article about one of his discoveries, porcine enterovirus G, which is an important find in the United States.”

Antibiotics and resistance

Perturbation of Iron Homeostasis Promotes the Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance – Orsolya Méhi – Molecular Biology and Evolution

“To decipher the underlying molecular mechanisms, we first performed a global transcriptome analysis and demonstrated that the set of genes regulated by Fur change substantially in response to antibiotic treatment. “

Phages, viruses, and CRISPRs

Adaptation in bacterial CRISPR-Cas immunity can be driven by defective phages – Alexander P. Hynes – Nature Communications

“Here we demonstrate that cells can acquire spacers from defective phages at a rate directly proportional to the quantity of replication-deficient phages to which the cells are exposed.”

Dr. Bik’s Picks

Contamination hits cell work: Mycoplasma infestations are widespread and costing laboratories millions of dollars in lost research – Ewen Callaway – Nature

“A total of 11% of the samples were found to contain Mycoplasma DNA at levels indicative of contamination.”

Five daily portions of fruit and vegetables may be enough to lower risk of early death – Science Daily

“Eating five daily portions of fruit and vegetables is associated with a lower risk of death from any cause, particularly from cardiovascular disease, but beyond five portions appears to have no further effect, finds a new study.”

Lands’ End Announces Science-Themed Tees For Girls After Mom’s Letter Goes Viral – Jessica Samakow – The Huffington Post

My daughter was very confused. Lots of her friends that are girls love science, too. Why were there no cool science shirts for girls?”