May 22, 2023

Have a nice day. Today we have a long list!


Airway dysbiosis accelerates lung function decline in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – Weijie Liang – Cell Host & Microbe

An integrated tumor, immune and microbiome atlas of colon cancer – Jessica Roelands – Nature Medicine

General and Human Microbiome 

Skin microbiome alterations in upper extremity secondary lymphedema – Adana-Christine Campbell – PloS One

Isolation and identification of hyaluronan-degrading bacteria from Japanese fecal microbiota – Hazuki Akazawa – PloS One

Bacterial and metabolic phenotypes associated with inadequate response to ursodeoxycholic acid treatment in primary biliary cholangitis – Laura Martinez-Gili – Gut Microbes

Gut microbiota and its relation to inflammation in patients with bipolar depression: a cross-sectional study – Tingting Huang – Annals of General Psychiatry

Alterations in the Gut Microbiome and Metabolisms in Pregnancies with Fetal Growth Restriction – Zixin Tao – Microbiology Spectrum

16S rRNA-Based Microbiota Profiling Assists Conventional Culture Analysis of Airway Samples from Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Patients – Maartje Kristensen – Microbiology Spectrum

Single-Molecule Approach to 16S rRNA for Vaginal Microbiome Signatures in Response to Metronidazole Treatment – Hanyu Qin – Microbiology Spectrum

The presence of intratumoral Porphyromonas gingivalis correlates with a previously defined pancreatic adenocarcinoma, immune cell expression phenotype and with tumor resident, adaptive immune receptor features – Jacob C Kinskey – Carcinogenesis

Commentary: Microbiome is the key to preventing anastomotic leak in colorectal surgery – James M Kinross – Gut

Commentary: The aerobiome-health axis: a paradigm shift in bioaerosol thinking – Jake M Robinson – Trends in Microbiology

Review: Impact of the host microbiota on fungal infections: new possibilities for intervention? – Eve W L Chow – Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

Review: Malnourished Microbes: Host-Microbiome Interactions in Child Undernutrition – Helen J Jones – Annual Review of Nutrition

Review: A narrative review from gut to lungs: non-small cell lung cancer and the gastrointestinal microbiome – Hely Shah – Translational Lung Cancer Research

Review: The interplay between oral microbiota, gut microbiota and systematic diseases – Xiujun Tan – Journal of Oral Microbiology

Animal Model Microbiome

Exposing new taxonomic variation with inflammation – a murine model-specific genome database for gut microbiome researchers – Ikaia Leleiwi – Microbiome

Protective effect of L-pipecolic acid on constipation in C57BL/6 mice based on gut microbiome and serum metabolomic – Huan Li – BMC Microbiology

Alterations of the gut microbiome and metabolic profile in CVB3-induced mice acute viral myocarditis – Qing Kong – BMC Microbiology

Seaweed polysaccharides treatment alleviates injury of inflammatory responses and gut barrier in LPS-induced mice – Yuanyuan He – Microbial Pathogenesis

Non-model Animal Microbiome

An entomopathogenic fungus exploits its host humoral antibacterial immunity to minimize bacterial competition in the hemolymph – Jia-Lin Wang – Microbiome

Engineered symbiotic bacteria interfering Nosema redox system inhibit microsporidia parasitism in honeybees – Haoyu Lang – Nature Communications

New insights into microbial and metabolite signatures of coral bleaching – Hao Sun – The Science of the Total Environment

Feeding hempseed cake alters the bovine gut, respiratory and reproductive microbiota – Thomas M Winders – Scientific Reports

Composition of mucus- and digesta-associated bacteria in growing pigs with and without diarrhea differed according to the presence of colonic inflammation – Farhad M Panah – BMC Microbiology

The microbiome and gene expression of honey bee workers are affected by a diet containing pollen substitutes – J Elijah Powell – PloS One

Amplicon-based metagenomic association analysis of gut microbiota in relation to egg-laying period and breeds of hens – Xiang-Yu Wang – BMC Microbiology

Built Environment

Diversity and compositional differences of the airborne microbiome in a biophilic indoor environment – Akinobu Toyoda – Scientific Reports

Plant Microbiome

Review: Engineering the Crop Microbiota Through Host Genetics – Carmen Escudero-Martinez – Annual Review of Phytopathology

Root microbiome diversity and structure of the Sonoran desert buffelgrass (Pennisetum ciliare L.) – Angélica Jara-Servin – PloS One

Microbiome Analysis

News: Long-read sequencing for the metagenomic analysis of microbiomes – Tristan Free – BioTechniques

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