May 15, 2023

Human Microbiome

Assessing the relationship between gut microbiota and irritable bowel syndrome: a two-sample Mendelian randomization analysis – Bin Liu – BMC Gastroenterology

The oral microbiota is a reservoir for antimicrobial resistance: resistome and phenotypic resistance characteristics of oral biofilm in health, caries, and periodontitis – A C Anderson – Annals of Clinical Microbiology and Antimicrobials

New evidence for the role of gut microbiota on atrial fibrillation development – Christopher Papandreou – EBioMedicine

Influence of grape consumption on the human microbiome – Asim Dave – Scientific Reports

Microbiota transplant to control inflammation in a patient with NLRC4 gain-of-function-induced disease – Claudia Bracaglia – The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Review: Ecology of the respiratory tract microbiome – Ana Elena Pérez-Cobas – Trends in Microbiology

Animal Microbiome

Integrated microbiome-metabolome-genome axis data of Laiwu and Lulai pigs – Xueshuang Lai – Scientific data

Positive associations matter: Microbial relationships drive tick microbiome composition – Nicholas M Fountain-Jones – Molecular Ecology

In Vitro Ileal Fermentation is Affected More by the Fiber Source Fermented than the Ileal Microbial Composition in Growing Pigs – Anna Me Hoogeveen – Current Developments in Nutrition

Oroxin B improves metabolic-associated fatty liver disease by alleviating gut microbiota dysbiosis in a high-fat diet-induced rat model – Yuhong Huang – European Journal of Pharmacology

Plant Microbiome

Drought stress mediated differences in phyllosphere microbiome and associated pathogen resistance between male and female poplars – Tiantian Lin – The Plant Journal 

Environmental Microbiome

Looking into sewage: how far can metagenomics help to detect human enteric viruses? – Julien Schaeffer – Frontiers in Microbiology

Metagenomic insights into the potential risks of representative bio/non-degradable plastic and non-plastic debris in the upper and lower reaches of Haihe Estuary, China – Xinhai Zhao – The Science of the Total Environment

Bioinformatics and Microbiome Analysis

A Bayesian joint model for compositional mediation effect selection in microbiome data – Jingyan Fu – Statistics in Medicine

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