July 18th, 2020

God morgon! Good morning from Sweden. Today’s digest features only three articles but I am sure everyone will enjoy reading it, especially a super interesting article highlighting the importance of older siblings on development of an individual’s airway and gut microbiota. The study asserts that having a closely aged older sibling has more impact on one’s microbiota as compared to having more than one older sibling. Another featured article demonstrates how gut microbiota can improve the quality of chicken by preventing intestinal inflammation. From animal farming we go over to plant farming. Another article in today’s digest shows how monocropping (growing the same crop over and over) negatively impacts the diversity of soil bacteria which eventually shows up as poor yield. This makes it imperative to consider the soil microbiota while taking decisions on crop cycle. I hope you will enjoy reading today’s digest and have a great week!

Human microbiome

The developing airway and gut microbiota in early life is influenced by age of older siblings – Emil Dalgaard Christensen, et al., Microbiome

Animal microbiome

Chicken jejunal microbiota improves growth performance by mitigating intestinal inflammation – Xiaolong Zhang, et al., Microbiome

Plant root and soil microbiome

Reduced chemodiversity suppresses rhizosphere microbiome functioning in the mono-cropped agroecosystems – Pengfa Li, et al., Microbiome

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