January 17, 2022

Human and General Microbiome

Exploring the universal healthy human gut microbiota around the World – Samuel Piquer-Esteban – Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal

An Investigation into the Effects of Outer Membrane Vesicles and Lipopolysaccharide of Porphyromonas gingivalis on Blood-Brain Barrier Integrity, Permeability, and Disruption of Scaffolding Proteins in a Human in vitro Model – Anna Barlach Pritchard – Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Evolution of fluoroquinolone-resistant Escherichia coli in the gut after ciprofloxacin treatment – V de Lastours – International Journal of Medical Microbiology

Impact of Helicobacter pylori infection on fluid duodenal microbial community structure and microbial metabolic pathways – Tadashi Maeda – BMC Microbiology

Human and General Microbiome – Reviews

Review: Implications of the Gut Microbiome in Sports – Gerardo Miranda-Comas – Sports Health

Review: Gut microbiome effects on neuronal excitability & activity: Implications for epilepsy – Henry Darch – Neurobiology of Disease

Review: The interplay between Sleep and Gut Microbiota – Mengqi Han – Brain Research Bulletin

Animal Microbiome

High-sugar, high-fat, and high-protein diets promote antibiotic resistance gene spreading in the mouse intestinal microbiota – Rong Tan – Gut Microbes

Determinants for antimicrobial resistance genes in farm dust on 333 poultry and pig farms in nine European countries – Roosmarijn Ec Luiken – Environmental Research

In vitro models of the canine digestive tract as an alternative to in vivo assays: Advances and current challenges – Charlotte Deschamps – ALTEX

Review: Do gastrointestinal microbiomes play a role in bats’ unique viral hosting capacity? – Devin N Jones – Trends in Microbiology

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

A natural polyphenol exerts antitumor activity and circumvents anti-PD-1 resistance through effects on the gut microbiota – Meriem Messaoudene – Cancer Discovery

Amino acid intake and plasma concentrations and their interplay with gut microbiota in vegans and omnivores in Germany – Stefan Dietrich – European Journal of Nutrition

Plant Microbiome

Cytokinin-microbiome interactions regulate developmental functions – Rupali Gupta – Environmental Microbiome

Bioinformatics / Techniques

Quantitative metaproteomics and activity-based protein profiling of patient fecal microbiome identifies host and microbial serine-type endopeptidase activity associated with ulcerative colitis – Peter S Thuy-Boun – Molecular & Cellular Proteomics

Preprint: ProtFinder: finding subcellular locations of proteins using protein interaction networks – Aayush Grover – BioRxiv

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