September 6, 2017

Our midweek digest is short and sweet, but contains interesting reads- Chabé’s critical review of role of gut protozoa is worth a read

Human gut microbiome

REVIEW: Gut Protozoa: Friends or Foes of the Human Gut Microbiota? Chabé M. Trends in Parasitology

Pre-pregnancy weight, gestational weight gain, and the gut microbiota of mothers and their infants. Stanislwaski MA. Microbiome

Ocean, river, and stream microbiome

Microbial Diversity in Sulfate-Reducing Marine Sediment Enrichment Cultures Associated with Anaerobic Biotransformation of Coastal Stockpiled Phosphogypsum (Sfax, Tunisia). Zouch H. Frontiers in Microbiology

Siderophore cheating and cheating resistance shape competition for iron in soil and freshwater Pseudomonas communities.

Butaitė E. Nature Communication

Animal  microbiome

Succession and Fermentation Products of Grass Carp (<i>Ctenopharyngodon idellus</i>) Hindgut Microbiota in Response to an Extreme Dietary Shift. Hao YT. Frontiers in Microbiology

Enrichment of beneficial bacteria in the skin microbiota of bats persisting with white-nose syndrome.

Lemieux-Labonté V. Microbiome


Comparison of the bacterial community composition in the granular and the suspended phase of sequencing batch reactors.

Szabó E. AMB Express

Antibiotic, probiotics, and prebiotics

Antibiotic Treatment Preventing Necrotising Enterocolitis Alters Urinary and Plasma Metabolomes in Preterm Pigs.

Jiang P. Journal of Proteome Research

Probiotics and gastrointestinal conditions: An overview of evidence from the Cochrane Collaboration.

Parker EA. Nutrition

Faecal microbiome 

Collection of non-meconium stool on fecal occult blood cards is an effective method for fecal microbiota studies in infants.

Wong WSW. Microbiome


Interspecies quorum sensing in co-infections can manipulate trypanosome transmission potential.

Silvester E. Nature Microbiology

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