December 13, 2016

Top 25 Microbiology Blog and Website List for Microbiologists – What a great list! But I’m a bit sad that I did not make it. But, lots of other great blogs luckily are listed here. Meantime, I will just carry the “I did not make it” badge.


Lecturer in Oral Microbiology – University of Bristol

Human gut microbiome

Gut microbiome in children with enthesitis-related arthritis in a developing country and the effect of probiotic administration – A. Aggarwal – Clinical & Experimental Immunology

ReviewRole of the Microbiota in Colorectal Cancer: Updates on Microbial Associations and Therapeutic Implications – Olivia I. Coleman – BioResearch

Paper Hopes To Link Diet, Gut Microbiome And Colorectal Cancer – Science2.0

Animal microbiome

Diet-induced changes of redox potential underlie compositional shifts in the rumen archaeal community  – Nir Friedman – Environmental Microbiology

Potential role of ectoparasites (Zeuxapta seriolae and Caligus lalandei) in the transmission of pathogenic bacteria in yellowtail kingfish Seriola lalandi, inferred from cultivable microbiota and molecular analyses – F A Sepúlveda – Journal of Fish Diseases

Microbe in the news

“Eight minutes of struggling arthropods set to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata” – Bacteria Help Pitcher Plants Trap Prey –  Elizabeth Preston – Discover Magazine

Orange ‘ooze’ in Beaver Brook a harmless bacteria, city officials say – Xander Landen – Sentinel Source

Why are we so passionate about the smiling poop emoji? – Samantha Selinger-Morris – ABC

Researcher rethinks lactic acid bacteria – Stevie Kenyon – Daily Cardinal

VideoThe Microbiome and Outcomes After Allogeneic Transplant – Robert Jenq – Cancer Network

Digging Deep for New Bacteria – Scientists find a whole ecosystem in fracking water – Eric Betz – Discover

Your head or your gut? – Justin D. Glenn – Labnews

Make-up of equine gut bacteria altered by exercise, study shows – Horse Talk

Bacteria Beef Up New Tree of Life. The new tree of life includes previously unknown species throughout the bacterial branches – Jonathon Keats – Discover

Researchers’ findings offer clue on how to block biofilm shields of bacterial infections – Science Daily

Microbes on the market


Biofilm tech wins CTAQ award – Food Quality News

C3J Therapeutics Unveils Development of Two New Product Formulations of Lead Candidate C16G2 for Prevention of Dental Caries – Nasdaq

The Detox Me Action Kit by Silent Spring Institute – IndieGoGo

DNA Biohackers Are Giving The FDA A Headache With Glow-In-The-Dark Booze. A biohacker thought he could sell something cool without consequences. The FDA thought otherwise. – Stephanie M. Lee – Buzzfeed

Product News: Rainin Pos-D™ Pipettes Allow Environmental Microbiology Researchers to Investigate Biodegradation of Oil  – Select Science

3 thoughts on “December 13, 2016

  1. Well, for what it’s worth, I just went through the whole list and checked out each site. None of them even come close to being as useful as And it lists as #6 when microbiomedigest isn’t listed at all… that’s just bizzare.

    I see a “submit your blog” link. If you didn’t submit yours I will 🙂

    Your blog here is invaluable. Your categorizing alone is extremely helpful.


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