April 6, 2015

Not all human breast milk sold online is 100% human, microbiome of veggies, and a book by Rob Knight.

Pregnancy and birth

Cow’s Milk Contamination of Human Milk Purchased via the Internet – Sarah A. Keim – Pediatrics

Review: Milk Bioactives May Manipulate Microbes to Mediate Parent-Offspring Conflict – Cary R. Allen-Blevins – Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health

Food microbiology

Emerging Perspectives on the Natural Microbiome of Fresh Produce Vegetables – Colin R. Jackson – Agriculture


Link did not work as of now – might work later? The colibactin warhead crosslinks DNA – Crawford – Nature Chemistry

Microbes in the news

Beyond Probiotics: Can You ‘Hack’ Your Microbiome? – Beth Skwarecki – LifeHacker Australia

Glyphosate, Roundup, GMOs and the microbiome part 1: crowdsourcing literature – Jonathan Eisen – The Tree of Life

Book by Rob Knight – Follow Your Gut – The Enormous Impact of Tiny Microbes – TED books

Ice Worm Guts Tell a Story of Partnership – Manon Verchot – Glacier Hub

An Amazonian Tribe May Hold The Secret To Better Gut Health – Anna Almendrala – Huffington Post

Microbes scared to death by virus presence – ScienceDaily

Spotting a molecular warhead for disease in the human gut – Jim Shelton – Yale News

Microbes are partly to blame for Arctic’s melting permafrost – Mary Beth Griggs – Popular Science

That Vagina Yogurt Probably Wasn’t Really Vagina Yogurt, Says Expert – Ben Richmond – Motherboard

MRSA Bacteria Thrives In Cigarette Smoke Environment – Paola Celedonio – Diabetes Insider

Raising money to go the ASM conference: E. coli and Ebola already sold out: Microbiology students sell giant plush microbes – KCCI

Glowing GE bacteria produced from kits ‘illegally’ in New Zealand – Tom Hunt – The Dominion Post

Bik’s Picks

Breast Milk Sold Online May Not Be 100% Human Milk – Cari Nierenberg – LiveScience

Please learn the difference between tortoises and sea turtles, say Florida wildlife officials – Rowena Lindsay – CS Monitor

What Americans Think About Climate Change in Seven Maps – Eric Roston – Bloomberg


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