March 23, 2015

General microbiome

Perspective: Separating the microbiome from the hyperbolome – Fergus Shanahan – Genome Medicine

Human oral microbiome

Interkingdom networking within the oral microbiome – Angela H. Nobbs, Howard F. Jenkinson – Microbes and Infection

Poster: Composition, Taxonomy And Functional Diversity Of The Oropharynx Microbiome In Individuals With Schizophrenia And Controls – Eduardo Castro Nallar – FigShare

Water microbiome

Targeted diversity generation by intraterrestrial archaea and archaeal viruses – Blair G. Paul – Nature Communications

Microbes in the News

Your poop could be a literal goldmine of precious metals – Rachel Feltman – Washington Post

Chlorine use in sewage treatment could promote antibiotic resistance – Science Daily

50 min podcast: Dr. Seth Bordenstein: Seeing Science and Symbiosis Through the Lens of an Evolutionary Microbiologist – People behind the science

New strategy to protect healthy gut microbes from antibiotics – Science Daily

Human parasites found in medieval cesspit reveal links between Middle East and Europe – Science Daily

Special Programmed Microbes May Help You Beat Obesity, Vanderbilt University Study – BioSpace

Skin microbiome may hold answers to protect threatened gold frogs from lethal fungus – Science Daily

Surviving in Hostile Territory: UCSB scientists discover a mechanism of self-mutation in mysterious viruses and microbes from within the Earth – Julie Cohen – UC Santa Barbara

Soaring antibiotic use in animals fuels ‘super bug’ fears – Chris Arsenault – Reuters

MRSA Is More Widespread Than You Think – Jason Tetro – Huffington Post Canada

Wolbachia Bacteria Can Control Mosquitoes with Fewer Chemicals – Erin Weeks – Entomology Today

Science, publishing and career

Social Media and Internet Driven Study Recruitment: Evaluating a New Model for Promoting Collaborator Engagement and Participation – Chetan Khatri – PLOS ONE

University of North Georgia apologized and agreed to stop distributing a course catalog with an denigrating picture – Travis Gettys – Raw Story

Bik’s Picks – Ancient rocks edition

When A Meteorite Hits Snow It Forms A “Snow Carrot” Instead Of A Crater – Mika McKinnon – Space io9

Telling stories from stone tools – Bruce Bower – Science News

Double Impact Crater in Canada Formed in Two Separate Impacts – Space Daily


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