May 22, 2021

Have a good weekend! Today in this Digest, we have several papers, including reviews about microbiome and obesity or cancer, microbiome restoration, new research with new Akkermansia isolates, and a meta-analysis showing the effect of synbiotics on ulcerative colitis. We have as well several studies in different animal models (from primates to C. elegans). We also highlight some papers on different technical aspects of microbiome analysis, including a multi-center study assessing the impact of bioinformatic procedures in microbiome analysis.   

Human and General Microbiome

Review: The Influence of Gut Microbiota on the Cardiovascular System Under Conditions of Obesity and Chronic Stress – Piotr Dubinski – Current Hypertension Reports 

Review: Restoration of dysbiotic human gut microbiome for homeostasis – Kunal Dixit – Life Sciences 

Review: The role of microbiome in colorectal carcinogenesis and its clinical potential as a target for cancer treatment –  Sang Hoon Kim – Intestinal Research 

Meta-analysis: Synbiotics improve clinical indicators of ulcerative colitis: systematic review with meta-analysis– Marcos Natal Rufino – Nutrition reviews 

Metformin Affects Gut Microbiome Composition and Function and Circulating Short-Chain Fatty Acids: A Randomized Trial – Noel T Mueller – Diabetes Care 

Genotypic and Phenotypic Diversity among Human Isolates of Akkermansia muciniphila – Bradford Becken – mBio 

Association of Gut Microbiota during Early Pregnancy with Risk of Incident Gestational Diabetes Mellitus – Ping Hu – The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism 

Maternal precarity and HPA axis functioning shape infant gut microbiota and HPA axis development in humans – Johanna R Jahnke – PLoS ONE

Profiling of tumour-associated microbiota in human hepatocellular carcinoma – Seiga Komiyama – Scientific Reports 

Perceived Stress and Molecular-BV in the NIH Longitudinal Study of Vaginal Flora – Rodman Turpin- American Journal of Epidemiology 

Genetically Programmable Microbial Assembly – Mark T Kozlowski – ACS Synthetic Biology 

Regulatory role of the intestinal microbiota in the immune response against Giardia – B Maertens – Scientific Reports 

Role of microbiota-gut-brain axis dysfunctions induced by infections in the onset of anorexia nervosa– Marie Galmiche – Nutrition Reviews 

Blood microbiota and metabolomic signature of major depression before and after antidepressant treatment: a prospective case-control study – Dragos Ciocan – Journal of Psychiatry & Neuroscience

Combined analysis of metagenomic data revealed consistent changes of gut microbiome structure and function in inflammatory bowel disease – Yangliu Xia – Journal of Applied Microbiology 

Stability of the human gut virome and effect of gluten-free diet – Sanzhima Garmaeva – Cell Reports 

Animal Microbiome

Early-Life Immune System Maturation in Chickens Using a Synthetic Community of Cultured Gut Bacteria – Christian Zenner – mSystems 

Extinction of anciently associated gut bacterial symbionts in a clade of stingless bees – Alan Emanuel Silva Cerqueira –  The ISME Journal 

Utilizing the Microbiota and Machine Learning Algorithms to Assess Risk of Salmonella Contamination in Poultry Rinsate – Hannah Bolinger – Journal of Food Protection 

Influence of genetic background and dietary oleic acid on gut microbiota composition in Duroc and Iberian pigs – Adrián López-García – PLoS ONE

Predictable and host-species specific humanization of the gut microbiota in captive primates – Jennifer L Houtz  – Molecular Ecology 

The symbiotic relationship between Caenorhabditis elegans and members of its microbiome contributes to worm fitness and lifespan extension – Orçun Haçariz – BMC Genomics 

Unraveling the predictive role of temperature in the gut microbiota of the sea urchin Echinometra sp. EZ across spatial and temporal gradients – Remi N Ketchum – Molecular Ecology 

Live and ultrasound-inactivated Lacticaseibacillus casei modulate the intestinal microbiota and improve biochemical and cardiovascular parameters in male rats fed a high-fat diet – Larissa Ramalho Brandão – Food & Function 

Glycan-based shaping of the microbiota during primate evolution – Sumnima Singh – eLife 

Regulatory effect of non-starch polysaccharides from purple sweet potato on intestinal microbiota of mice with antibiotic-associated diarrhea – Nana Bie – Food & Function 

Regulatory effect of volatile compounds in fermented alcoholic beverages on gut microbiota and serum metabolism in a mouse model – Mei Ji – Food & Function 

Plant Microbiome

Targeted 16S rRNA gene and ITS2 amplicon sequencing of leaf and spike tissues of Piper longum identifies new candidates for bioprospecting of bioactive compounds – Sushma Mishra – Archives of Microbiology 

Absence of Nanoparticle-Induced Drought Tolerance in Nutrient Sufficient Wheat Seedlings – Matthew Potter – Environmental Science & Technology 


Diverse Viruses Carrying Genes for Microbial Extremotolerance in the Atacama Desert Hyperarid Soil – Yunha Hwang – mSystems 


Review: Identifying biases and their potential solutions in human microbiome studies – Jacob T Nearing – Microbiome 

Commentary: Application of Machine Learning in Translational Medicine: Current Status and Future Opportunities – Nadia Terranova – The AAPS Journal 

An inter-laboratory study to investigate the impact of the bioinformatics component on microbiome analysis using mock communities – Denise M O’Sullivan – Scientific Reports 

A semiparametric model for between-subject attributes: Applications to beta-diversity of microbiome data – J Liu – Biometrics 


The potential and effects of saline-alkali alfalfa microbiota under salt stress on the fermentation quality and microbial – Duo Wen Sa – BMC Microbiology 

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