May 1, 2021

Have a great International Workers’ Day! Today, in this Digest: a review article about the role of butyrate (a product of microbiome activity) in the early development of microbiota. We have also: probiotics and COVID19, microbiota toxins and cardiovascular disease, microbiome studies from Indonesia, a US cohort study investigating links between the microbiome, diet, and TMAO levels; several articles about connections between the diet and the microbiome, shrimp microbiota, and more!   

Human and General Microbiome

Review: Microbial driven genetic variation in holobionts – Ilana Zilber-Rosenberg and Eugene Rosenberg – FEMS Microbiology Reviews

Review: Butyrate: A Link between Early Life Nutrition and Gut Microbiome in the Development of Food Allergy – Margherita Di Costanzo et al.,Life (MDPI)

Review: Next-Generation Probiotics and Their Metabolites in COVID-19 – Thomas Gautier et al.,Microorganisms (MDPI)

Review: Circulating bile acids as a link between the gut microbiota and cardiovascular health: Impact of Prebiotics, probiotics and polyphenol-rich foods – R.A.G. Pushpass et al., – Nutrition Research Reviews

Review: Two Gut Microbiota-Derived Toxins Are Closely Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases: A Review – Tomoya Yamashita et al., – Toxins (MDPI)

Review: Dietary Strategies for Management of Metabolic Syndrome: Role of Gut Microbiota Metabolites – Sonia Croci et al., – Nutrients (MDPI)

Review: Challenging Cosmetic Innovation: The Skin Microbiota and Probiotics Protect the Skin from UV-Induced Damage – Djouhar Souak et al., – Microorganisms (MDPI)

Perspective: Gut microbiota through an evolutionary lens – Rachel N. Carmody et al., – Science

Gut Microbiome of Indonesian Adults Associated with Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Study in an Asian City, Yogyakarta – Phatthanaphong Therdtatha et al., – Microorganisms (MDPI)

Interplay between diet and gut microbiome, and circulating concentrations of trimethylamine N-oxide: findings from a longitudinal cohort of US men – Jun Li et al., – Gut (BMJ)

Isolation and identification of a human intestinal bacterium capable of daidzein conversion – Yingyu Guo et al., FEMS Microbiology Letters

Associations of fine particulate matter and its constituents with airway inflammation, lung function, and buccal mucosa microbiota in children – Yihan Wu et al., – Science of The Total Environment

Nutritional immunity: the impact of metals on lung immune cells and the airway microbiome during chronic respiratory disease – Claire Healy et al., – Respiratory Research (BMC)

Gut bacterial profile in Indian children of varying nutritional status: a comparative pilot study – Chandrasekhar Balasubramaniam et al., European Journal of Nutrition

The sugar composition of the fibre in selected plant foods modulates weaning infants’ gut microbiome composition and fermentation metabolites in vitro – Shanthi G. Parkar et al., – Scientific Reports

Oral-Gut Microbiome Axis in Gastrointestinal Disease and Cancer – Se-Young Park et al.,cancers (MDPI)

Effects of Whole-Grain and Sugar Content in Infant Cereals on Gut Microbiota at Weaning: A Randomized Trial – Julio Plaza-Diaz et al., – Nutrients (MDPI)

Association between Dietary Habits and Fecal Microbiota Composition in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients: A Pilot Study – Annamaria Altomare et al., – Nutrients (MPDI)

Altered Composition of Microbiota in Women with Ovarian Endometrioma: Microbiome Analyses of Extracellular Vesicles in the Peritoneal Fluid – Sa-Ra Lee et al., – International Journal of Molecular Sciences


A plasmid locus associated with Klebsiella clinical infections encodes a microbiome-dependent gut fitness factor – Jay Vornhagen et al.,PLoS Pathogens

Animal Microbiome

Closed and High-Quality Bacterial Genome Sequences of the Oligo-Mouse-Microbiota Community – Quentin Lamy-Besnier et al.,Microbiology Resource Announcements

OTUs and ASVs Produce Comparable Taxonomic and Diversity from Shrimp Microbiota 16S Profiles Using Tailored Abundance Filters – Rodrigo García-López et al., – Genes (MDPI)

Plant Microbiome

Impact of pesticide/fertilizer mixtures on the rhizosphere microbial community of field-grown sugarcane – Weijuan Huang et al.,3 Biotech 

Application of Nanopore Sequencing (MinION) for the Analysis of Bacteriome and Resistome of Bean Sprouts – Milada Solcova et al., – Microorganisms (MDPI)

Food Microbiome

Sources and Assembly of Microbial Communities in Vineyards as a Functional Component of Winegrowing – Reid G. Griggs et al., – Frontiers in Microbiology

Other Microbes

Life in a Droplet: Microbial Ecology in Microscopic Surface Wetness – Tomer Orevi and Nadav Kashtan – Frontiers in Microbiology

Draft Genome Sequences of Various Bacterial Phyla Isolated from the International Space Station – Anna C. Simpson et al.,Microbiology Resource Announcements

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