December 29, 2019

Have a nice sunday!  Today we have papers about the microbiome in martial arts athletes, more research about Fusobacterium and colorectal cancer, the effect of light in atopic dermatitis and the effect of alcohol binge in a mouse model, among other papers.  

Human and General Microbiome

Review: The Gut-Liver-Kidney axis: novel regulator of fatty liver associated chronic kidney disease – Desh Raj – Pharmacological Research

Characteristics of the gut microbiota in professional martial arts athletes: A comparison between different competition levels – Ru Liang – PLoS One

The balance between breast cancer and the immune system: challenges for prognosis and clinical benefit from immunotherapies – Constantin N. Baxevanis – Seminars in Cancer Biology

Review: Host- and Microbiota-Derived Extracellular Vesicles, Immune Function, and Disease Development – Laurence Macia – International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Recent advances in understanding the natural history of the otitis media microbiome and its response to environmental pressures – Robyn L. Marsh – International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Association of autophagy status with amount of Fusobacterium nucleatum in colorectal cancer – Koichiro Haruki – The Journal of Pathology

Effects of 308 nm excimer light treatment on the skin microbiome of atopic dermatitis patients – Yuko Kurosaki – Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine

Rapid Multiplex Real-Time PCR Method for the Detection and Quantification of Selected Cariogenic and Periodontal Bacteria – Jan Lochman – Diagnostics

Review: Biomarkers of a Healthy Nordic Diet-From Dietary Exposure Biomarkers to Microbiota Signatures in the Metabolome – Rikard Landberg – Nutrients


Animal Microbiome

Gut microbiota of provisioned and wild rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) living in a limestone forest in southwest Guangxi, China – Ting Chen – MicrobiologyOpen

The Diversity of the Endobiotic Bacterial Communities in the Four Jellyfish Species – Qing Liu – Polish Journal of Microbiology

Switching to a Healthy Diet Prevents the Detrimental Effects of Western Diet in a Colitis-Associated Colorectal Cancer Model – Charlotte Gröschel – Nutrients

The Effect of Thermal Stress on the Bacterial Microbiome of Exaiptasia diaphana – Leon M. Hartman – Microorganisms

Pretreatment with Yeast-Derived Complex Dietary Polysaccharides Suppresses Gut Inflammation, Alters the Microbiota Composition, and Increases Immune Regulatory Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production in C57BL/6 Mice – Radhika Gudi – The Journal of Nutrition

Long-lasting microbial dysbiosis and altered enteric neurotransmitters in adult rats following adolescent binge ethanol exposure – Ryan P. Vetreno – Addiction Biology


Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Minireview: Use of Synbiotics for Ulcerative Colitis Treatment – Marianna Roselli –  Current Clinical Pharmacology

The Structure Features and Improving Effects of Polysaccharide from Astragalus membranaceus on Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea – Shanshan Ll – Antibiotics

Deep-Fried Atractylodis Rhizoma Protects against Spleen Deficiency-Induced Diarrhea through Regulating Intestinal Inflammatory Response and Gut Microbiota – Kun Shi – International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Hafnia alvei HA4597 Strain Reduces Food Intake and Body Weight Gain and Improves Body Composition, Glucose, and Lipid Metabolism in a Mouse Model of Hyperphagic Obesity – Nicolas Lucas – Microorganisms


Wastewater Microbiome

Microbiome changes and oxidative capability of an anaerobic PCB dechlorinating enrichment culture after oxygen exposure – Bruna Matturro – New Biotechnology


Plant Microbiome

Tomato RNA-seq Data Mining Reveals the Taxonomic and Functional Diversity of Root-Associated Microbiota – Bruna Matturro – Microorganisms

Metagenome sequencing of fingermillet-associated microbial consortia provides insights into structural and functional diversity of endophytes – M. K. Prasannakumari – 3 Biotech 

Resilience to multiple stressors in an aquatic plant and its microbiome – Anna M. O’Brien – American Journal of Botany



Scalable and cost-effective ribonuclease-based rRNA depletion for transcriptomics – Yiming Huang – Nucleic Acids Research

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