June 1st, 2017

Another day of a short digest.   Enjoy the beautiful pictures demonstrating the use of bacteria in art!

Events and jobs

ASM Microbe 2017, June 1-5th in New Orleans

Gut microbiome

Recovery of ethanol-induced Akkermansia muciniphila depletion ameliorates alcoholic liver disease – Christoph Grander – BMJ


BioSharing: Harnessing Metadata Standards For The Data Commons – Susanna-Assunta Sansone – BioRXiv

Microbial communities

Recipient-Biased Competition For A Cross-Fed Nutrient Is Required For Coexistence Of Microbial Mutualists – Alexandra L. McCully – BioRXiv

Microbes in Art

Researchers Create Color Images With Bacteria
Scientists teach E.coli bacteria to ‘draw’. Bacteria draws Mario

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