May 27, 2016

image1Just a short Microbiome Digest in between funeral ceremonies today. But today also brought good news: Microbiome Digest / Bik’s Picks received the “Microbiome Pioneer Award” today at Stanford’s Bioinformatics for the Microbiome Symposium. Professor Ami Bhatt handed out the prize, and Professor Christina Vandenbroucke-Grauls took the photo. I am very honored and thankful for this award, and I owe a big thank you for Tomer Altman for helping me start the blog and David Relman for helping me run it!

Human skin and hair microbiome

Physiological and microbiological verification of the benefit of hair washing in patients with skin conditions of the scalp – Miwa Kobayashi – Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology

Animal microbiome

Bacterial and Archaeal Diversity in the Gastrointestinal Tract of the North American Beaver (Castor canadensis) – Robert J. Gruninger – PLOS ONE

Beaver Gut Microbiome Provides Clues to Plant Material Breakdown – Genome Web

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Rapid identification of bacteria associated with Acute Oak Decline by high resolution melt (HRM) analysis – Carrie Brady – Letters in Applied Microbiology

Sediment microbial communities rely on different dissolved organic matter sources along a Mediterranean river continuum – A. Freixa – Limnology and Oceanography

More Microbiology

A Comprehensive, CRISPR-based Functional Analysis of Essential Genes in Bacteria
Jason M. Peters – Cell

Survivability of bare, individual Bacillus subtilis spores to high-velocity surface impact: Implications for microbial transfer through space – Brandon L. Barney – Planetary and Space Science

Crash test bacteria study at BYU could shed light on outer space – Daniel Woodruff – KUTV

Microbes in the news

Bacterial diversity in soils was shaped by ice ages – Amanda Garris – Cornell

Superbugs for dummies: Explaining the battle between bacteria and antibiotics – Helen Branswell – STAT News

Goose Island identifies bacteria that caused tainted beer, but not source – Josh Noel – Chicago Tribune

Cork scientists win funding from Bill Gates’ foundation for Africa study – Gordon Hunt – Silicon Republic

High-dose vitamin D may boost diversity of the gut microbiome – Nutraingredients


UCSB receives Grand Challenges Explorations grant – EurekAlert

Science, publishing, and career

Should researchers publish their findings before peer review? – Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus – STAT News

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