April 13, 2015

Not a lot of literature in my inbox today (I covered a lot on Saturday), just some “Microbes in the News”. Two recent blog posts I wrote:

Microbial cockroaches: Effect of gamma-radiation on soil microbes – Elisabeth Bik – MicroBE.net

Thoughts on Peer Review – Introduction – Elisabeth Bik – Microbiome Digest

Events and conferences

Probiotica Americas 2015 – 3-5 June, San Diego, Nutraingredients

Built environment microbiome

Factors affecting crack repairing capacity of bacteria-based self-healing concrete – Mian Luo – Construction and Building Materials


CRISPR adaptation biases explain preference for acquisition of foreign DNA – Asaf Levy – Nature

Microbes in the news

Microbial activity will start the pile cooking. A Project to Turn Corpses Into Compost – Catrin Einhorn – New York Times

Obesity-related Microbiota Induce Neurological Impairments in Mice – Mad In America

Military Kids May Be Missing Vaccines – Maggie Fox – NBC News.com

Moody microbes? Gut bacteria found to play key role in serotonin production – Nathan Gray – Nutraingredients

Aristotle University Cooperates With MIT to Find Bacteria That Fight Cancer and Autoimmune Disorders – A. Makris – Greek Reporter

How a Bacterial Cell Recognizes its Own DNA – Science Daily

Simple Signal Spurs Complex Process of Fixing Cell Walls – James Gorman – New York Times

Science, publishing, and career

When trainees go bad: problematic individuals in the lab causing stress – Tenure She Wrote

12 Guidelines For Surviving Science – Adam Micolich – Pacific SouthEast

We Are Not Impostors – Stephen J. Aguilar – Inside Higher Ed

Great news! Leading scientists favour women in tenure-track hiring test – Boer Deng – Nature

Gender equity in academia: Making a change – The Genome Analysis Centre

Lawsuit involving PubPeer unmasks commenter as pseudonymous whistleblower Clare Francis – Ivan Oransky – Retraction Watch

Bik’s Picks

Nasa’s Curiosity rover finds water below surface of Mars – Hannah Devlin – The Guardian

Why SpaceX is shooting an espresso machine into space – Ben Geier – Fortune

How The Science Of Wasabi Could Pave The Way For New Pain Meds – Jacqueline Howard – Huffington Post



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