December 26, 2014

Pregnancy and birth

* Early Childhood Gut Microbiomes Show Strong Geographic Differences Among Subjects at High Risk for Type 1 Diabetes – Kaisa M. Kemppainen – Diabetes Care

Human skin microbiome

* Spatial variations in the microbial community structure and diversity of the human foot is associated with the production of odorous volatiles – Deborah Stevens – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Human respiratory microbiome

Microbiota profiling of bronchial fluids of elderly patients with pulmonary carcinoma – Naoko Ishida – Journal of Oral Biosciences

Human gut microbiome

* Microbial culturomics: paradigm shift in the human gut microbiome study – J.-C. Lagier
Clinical Microbiology and Infection

Fecal microbiota transplantation through mid-gut for refractory Crohn’s disease: Safety, feasibility, and efficacy trial results – Bota Cui – Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Culturomics: a new approach to study the human microbiome – G. Greub – Clinical Microbiology and Infection

The influence of the human microbiome and probiotics on cardiovascular health – Race Ettinger – Gut Microbes

Prolonged use of a proton pump inhibitor reduces microbial diversity: implications for Clostridium difficile susceptibility – Charlie T Seto – Microbiome

Animal microbiome

Use of metagenomic high-throughput sequencing technology and robust bioinformatics to assess the microbiome of cattle, their environments, and beef products to determine the degree of antimicrobial resistance – X. Yang – Meat Science

News in livestock research – use of Omics-technologies to study the microbiota in the gastrointestinal tract of farm animals – Simon Deusch – Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal

Birds: Bacteria and the evolution of honest signals. The case of ornamental throat feathers in spotless starlings – Magdalena Ruiz-Rodríguez – Functional Ecology

Silverleaf whitefly: Diversity of symbiotic bacteria associated with Bemisia tabaci (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) in cassava mosaic disease pandemic areas of Tanzania – L.S. Tajebe – Annals of Applied Biology

Physicochemical conditions, metabolites, and community structure of the bacterial microbiota in the gut of wood-feeding cockroaches (Blaberidae: Panesthiinae) – Eugen Bauer – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Sea urchin larvae decipher the epiphytic bacterial community composition when selecting sites for attachment and metamorphosis – Shaun J. Nielsen – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Plant microbiome

Land-use intensity and host plant identity interactively shape communities of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in roots of grassland plants – Kriszta Vályi – New Phytologist

Temporal patterns of orchid mycorrhizal fungi in meadows and forests as revealed by 454 pyrosequencing – Jane Oja – New Phytologist

Review: Exploring interactions of plant microbiomes – Fernando Dini Andreote – Scienta Agricola

Drying effects on archaeal community composition and methanogenesis in bromeliad tanks – Franziska B. Brandt – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

The effect of psychrotrophic bacteria isolated from the root zone of winter wheat on selected biotic and abiotic factors – Sebastian Wojciech Przemieniecki – Journal of Plant Protection Research

Soil microbiome

Influence of exogenous organic matter on prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbiota in an agricultural soil. A multidisciplinary approach – Daniela Pezzolla – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Soil bacteria hold the key to root cluster formation – Byron B. Lamont – New Phytologist

Distinct composition signatures of archaeal and bacterial phylotypes in the Wanda Glacier forefield, Antarctic Peninsula – Igor S. Pessi – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

The effect of storage on microbial activity and bacterial community structure of drained and flooded paddy soil – Juan Wang – Journal of Soils and Sediments

Detection and diversity of copper containing nitrite reductase genes (nirK) in prokaryotic and fungal communities of agricultural soils – Andrew Long – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Archaeal community diversity and abundance changes along a natural salinity gradient in estuarine sediments – Gordon Webster – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Water microbiome

Molecular analysis of the benthos microbial community in Zavarzin thermal spring (Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka, Russia) – Alexey S Rozanov – BMC Genomics

Food microbiology

Cheese rind microbial communities: diversity, composition and origin – Françoise Irlinger – FEMS Microbiology Letters

Microbiome and immunology

The role of IL-10 in microbiome-associated immune modulation and disease tolerance – Benoît Levast – Cytokine

TL1A regulates TCRγδ+ intraepithelial lymphocytes and gut microbial composition – Peter Tougaard – European Journal of Immunology

Microbiome components with probiotic or other interesting properties

Miniaturized Cultivation of Microbiota for Antimalarial Drug Discovery – Carrie Waterman – Medicinal Research Reviews

Antagonism against fish pathogens by cellular components and verification of probiotic properties in autochthonous bacteria isolated from the gut of an Indian major carp, Catla catla (Hamilton) – Anjan Mukherjee and Koushik Ghosh – Aquaculture Research

Probiotic strains introduced through live feed and rearing water have low colonizing success in developing Atlantic cod larvae – Jorunn Skjermo – Aquaculture


Introducing the USA Plant, Algae and Microbial Metabolomics Research Coordination Network (PAMM-NET) – Lloyd W. Sumner – Metabolomics

Towards the Fecal Metabolome Derived from Moderate Red Wine Intake – Ana Jiménez-Girón – Metabolites


Inconsistent Denoising and Clustering Algorithms for Amplicon Sequence Data – Koskinen Kaisa – Journal of Computational Biology

Microbes in the news

Is 2015 the Year We All Sequence Our Microbiomes?– The Atlantic

Do new natural products lurk in genes of bacteria? – Kevin Stacey-Brown – Futurity

Discovery holds promise for decoding elusive bacteria – Business Standard

Experimental Drugs Target Bacteria’s Social Network – Carl Zimmer – Scientific American

Did Microbes Shape the Human Life Span? – Tia Ghose – LiveScience

Does the Gut Microbiome Play a Role in Autoimmune Disease? – Amy Nett –

Bik’s Picks

To Raise Science Scores, Colleges Look Beyond the Lecture – Richard Perez-Pena – New York Times

Tsunami Science: Advances Since the 2004 Indian Ocean Tragedy – Becky Oskin – Live Science

Rudimentary egg and sperm cells made from stem cells – David Cyranoski – Nature

Who Patented ‘My Favorite Things’? – Robinson Meyer – The Atlantic


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