December 18, 2014

Human gut microbiome

* Metagenomic Analysis of Viruses in Feces from Unsolved Outbreaks of Gastroenteritis in Humans – Nicole E. Moore – Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Altered faecal and mucosal microbial composition in post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome patients correlates with mucosal lymphocyte phenotypes and psychological distress – J. Sundin – Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Animal models of microbiome research

* The composition of the gut microbiota shapes the colon mucus barrier – Hedvig E Jakobsson – EMBO Reports

Diet Dominates Host Genotype in Shaping the Murine Gut Microbiota – Rachel N. Carmody – Cell Host & Microbe

Animal microbiome

Fish: The Gastrointestinal Phage Communities of the Cultivated Freshwater Fishes – Yang He – FEMS Microbiology Letters

Mussel: Algae Consumption and Nitrate Removal in a Raw Water Transport System by Limnoperna fortunei and its Associated Microorganisms – Ruijian Zhang – Water Environment Research

Plant microbiome

Meeting report: A snapshot of molecular plant–microbe interaction research – Sebastian Wittulsky – New Phytologist

Plant–microbe interactions change along a tallgrass prairie restoration chronosequence – Anna J. Herzberger – Restoration Ecology

Water microbiome

The influence of iron and siderophores on eukaryotic phytoplankton growth rates and community composition in the Ross Sea – Adam B. Kustka – Marine Chemistry

Food microbiology

Construction of a dairy microbial genome catalog opens new perspectives for the metagenomic analysis of dairy fermented products – Mathieu Almeida – BMC Genomics


Identification and characterization of intestinal lactobacilli strains capable of degrading immunotoxic peptides present in gluten – R.M. Duar – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Microbes in the news

Behind The Scenes At The Lab That Fingerprints Microbiomes – Katherine Harmon Courage – NPR Shots Health News

Complex genome-microbiome link may influence risk for IBD – Healio

Patients don’t understand risks of unnecessary antibiotics, study shows – Science Daily

The Microbiota Crisis: How the Herbicide Glyphosate is Killing Microbiomes – Martin Michener – Health Impact News

Bik’s Picks

Asian Glow May Indicate Lower Pain Tolerance – Stephani Sutherland – Scientific American

What was the Worst #ScienceFail of 2014? (Op-Ed) – Aaron Huertas – LiveScience

Breakthrough of the year 2014 – Science





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