More Microbiology and Science, June 4, 2014

Dengue, arthritis, arsenic, two retractions, frogs singing in the gutters, and deadly sharks (but not as you know them).

Infection, sepsis, and host response

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.08.42 AMBacteria in the Adventitia of Cardiovascular Disease Patients with and without Rheumatoid Arthritis – Samuel A. Curran – PLOS ONE

“The aortic adventitia of CVD patients contains a wide range of bacterial species, and the bacterial flora is significantly less diverse in RA+CVD than CVD patients. M. oryzae may stimulate an proinflammatory response that may aggravate and perpetuate the pathological processes underlying atherosclerosis in RA patients.”

Dengue Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.06.24 AM

A tetravalent alphavirus-vector based dengue vaccine provides effective immunity in an early life mouse model – Syed Muaz Khalil – Vaccine

“We report here that a single immunization with a tetravalent VRP vaccine induced NAb and T-cell responses to each serotype at a level equivalent to the monovalent vaccine components, suggesting that this vaccine modality can overcome serotype interference. “

Arsenic metabolism

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.09.38 AMSpecies- and tissue-specific bioaccumulation of arsenicals in various aquatic organisms from a highly industrialized area in the Pohang City, Korea – Seongjin Hong – Environmental Pollution

“Contamination of water and sediment with arsenic (As) in a highly industrialized area of Pohang City, Korea was investigated, with emphasis on in situ bioaccumulation of arsenicals by various aquatic organisms.”

Publishing and misconduct Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 1.03.01 AM

Japanese scientist to retract stem cell papers –

“Haruko Obokata, 30, would withdraw two papers at the centre of the controversy, according to a spokeswoman for Riken, the respected  that sponsored the study, marking a steep fall from grace for the young researcher.”

Dr. Bik’s Picks

SharkShark meat worse than its bite – Tony Camie – IOL Scitech

“Never mind their fearsome jaws. People are now more likely to be killed by eating shark meat rather than the other way round.”

frogUrban frogs use drains as mating megaphones – Katia Moskvitch – Nature

“Gathering in the gutter may provide a better way to seduce females.”