December 4, 2021

Human and General Microbiome

Multivariate associative patterns between the gut microbiota and large-scale brain network connectivity – N Kohn – Gut Microbes

Cervicovaginal levels of human beta defensins during bacterial vaginosis – Nathalia Mayumi Noda-Nicolau – PloS ONE

Multiomics and digital monitoring during lifestyle changes reveal independent dimensions of human biology and health – Francesco Marabita – Cell Systems

A specific structure and high richness characterize intestinal microbiota of HIV-exposed seronegative individuals – Tulio J Lopera – PloS ONE

Central role of intestinal epithelial glucocorticoid receptor in alcohol- and corticosterone-induced gut permeability and systemic response – Pradeep K Shukla – The FASEB Journal

Proof-of-principle demonstration of endogenous circadian system and circadian misalignment effects on human oral microbiota – Sarah L Chellappa – The FASEB Journal

Gender Variations in the Oral Microbiomes of Elderly Patients with Initial Periodontitis – Jie Zhao – Journal of Immunology Research

Characterization of Esophageal Microbiota in Patients With Esophagitis and Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma – Zongdan Jiang – Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology

Gender-Specific Differences in Gut Microbiota Composition Associated with Microbial Metabolites for Patients with Acne Vulgaris – Yukun Huang – Annals of Dermatology

Gut microbiota develop towards an adult profile in a sex-specific manner during puberty – Katri Korpela – Scientific Reports

Gut microbiota-driven brain Aβ amyloidosis in mice requires microglia – Hemraj B Dodiya – The Journal of Experimental Medicine

Associations of the oral microbiota and Candida with taste, smell, appetite and undernutrition in older adults – Kristina S Fluitman – Scientific Reports

Altered cervicovaginal microbiota in premenopausal ovarian cancer patients – Asuka Morikawa – Gene

Social overcrowding impacts gut microbiota, promoting stress, inflammation, and dysglycemia – Clara Delaroque – Gut Microbes

Research Highlight: Gut microbiome and autism spectrum disorder – Eleni Kotsiliti – Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Human and General Microbiome (Reviews)

Metagenomics studies for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer – Ali Zarei – The Prostate

Regulation of common neurological disorders by gut microbial metabolites – Jeongho Park – Experimental & Molecular Medicine

The gut microbiota in retinal diseases – Marie-Agnès Bringer – Experimental Eye Research

Microbe-based management for colorectal cancer – Zi-Yun Gao – Chinese Medical Journal

Novel Strategies for Inhibition of Bacterial Biofilm in Chronic Rhinosinusitis – Aref Shariati – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Regulation of para-cresol production in Clostridioides difficile – Mark A Harrison – Current Opinion in Microbiology

Animal Microbiome (Non-Models)

Gut microbiome and metabolome in a non-human primate model of chronic excessive alcohol drinking – Daria Piacentino – Translational Psychiatry

A holobiont view of island biogeography: unraveling patterns driving the nascent diversification of a Hawaiian spider and its microbial associates – Ellie E Armstrong – Molecular Ecology

Interactions of Muscovy duck reovirus, gut microbiota, and host innate immunity: Transcriptome and gut microbiota analysis – Zheng Zhu – Veterinary Microbiology

Antibiotics, antibiotic resistance genes and microbial community in grouper mariculture – Lu-Xi He – The Science of the Total Environment

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Lactobacillus alleviated obesity induced by high-fat diet in mice – Wei Song – Journal of Food Science

Effect of prophylactic dextrose gel on the neonatal gut microbiome – Sophie L St Clair – Archives of Disease in Childhood

Polydextrose with and without Bifidobacterium animalis ssp. lactis 420 drives the prevalence of Akkermansia and improves liver health in a multi-compartmental obesogenic mice study – Christian Clement Yde – PloS ONE

Review: Studies and Application of Sialylated Milk Components on Regulating Neonatal Gut Microbiota and Health – Yushuang Wang – Frontiers in Nutrition

Environmental Microbiome

The highly diverse Antarctic Peninsula soil microbiota as a source of novel resistance genes – Andrés E Marcoleta – The Science of the Total Environment

Other Microbiomes

In vitro interaction network of a synthetic gut bacterial community – Anna S Weiss – The ISME Journal

Plant and Fungi Microbiome

Tryptophan metabolism and bacterial commensals prevent fungal dysbiosis in Arabidopsis roots – Katarzyna W Wolinska – PNAS

An ancient antimicrobial protein co-opted by a fungal plant pathogen for in planta mycobiome manipulation – Nick C Snelders – PNAS

Seed inhabiting bacterial endophytes of maize promote seedling establishment and provide protection against fungal disease – Gaurav Pal – Microbiological Research

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