July 30th, 2021

Today’s papers are primarily plant and environment related, but there’s also a great couple papers on the humanmicrobiome – discussing streptococci’s ability to colonise the ear, as well as a mini-review discussing oral microbial transplantation in improving COVID-19 outcomes. Have a great day!

Human general microbiome

Competitive advantage of oral streptococci for colonization of the middle ear mucosa. Jacob et al. bioRxiv.

Human gut microbiome

Utilizing machine learning with knockoff filtering to extract significant metabolites in Crohn’s disease with a publicly available untargeted metabolomics dataset – Bin Masud et al- PLOS one.

Human vaginal microbiome

Modeling the temporal dynamics of cervicovaginal microbiota identifies targets that may promote reproductive health – Munoz et al – Microbiome.

Human respiratory microbiome

The forgotten oral microbial transplantation for improving the outcomes of COVID-19 – AbdelMassih et al – New microbes and New Infections. [Mini-review]

Plant, root and soil microbiome

Metabolomics and microbiome reveal impacts of rhizosphere metabolites on alfafa continuous cropping – Wang et al -bioRxiv.

Unearthing Shifts in Microbial Communities Across a Soil Disturbance Gradient – Seitz et al – bioRxiv.

Unraveling negative biotic interactions determining soil microbial community assembly and functioning -Romdhane et al -The ISME journal.

Large-scale protein level comparison of Deltaproteobacteria reveals cohesive metabolic groups – Langwig et al -The ISME journal.

Impact of microecological agents on water environment restoration and microbial community structures of trench system in a Baiyangdian wetland ecosystem – Li et al – Journal of Applied Microbiology.

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