July 09, 2021

Have a nice Friday! Today in this Digest, we highlight a study showing that two patients who received fecal transplants could resolve COVID19. We also highlight another study revealing differences between the microbiota from Tibetan and Han immigrants living at an altitude of 3,900 m. Today, this Digest also papers on many other topics.

Human and General Microbiome

Rapid Resolution Of COVID-19 After Faecal Microbiota Transplantation – Jarosław Biliński – Gut

Correlations Between Intestinal Microbial Community And Hematological Profile In Native Tibetans and Han Immigrants. – Yan Ma – Frontiers In Microbiology

Host-emitted Amino Acid Cues Regulate Bacterial Chemokinesis To Enhance colonization. – Catherine D Robinson – Cell Host & Microbe

Fecal Microbiota Transplant As A Potential Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease – A case series. – Arik Segal – Clinical Neurology And Neurosurgery

Translocated Microbiome Composition Determines Immunological Outcome In Treated HIV infection. – Krystelle Nganou-Makamdop – Cell

In-vivo Impact Of Common Cosmetic Preservative Systems In Full Formulation On The skin microbiome. – Barry Murphy – PloS One

Antibiotics Modulate Neoadjuvant Therapy Efficiency In Patients With Breast Cancer: a pilot analysis. – Xi Zhang – Scientific Reports

Fecal Sample Collection Methods And Time Of Day Impact Microbiome Composition And short chain fatty acid concentrations. – Jacquelyn Jones – Scientific Reports

The Association Between Serum Microbial DNA Composition And Symptoms Of Depression and anxiety in mood disorders. – Sang Jin Rhee – Scientific Reports

Gut Microbiota Signature Of Pathogen-dependent Dysbiosis In Viral Gastroenteritis – Taketoshi Mizutani – Scientific Reports

Translocation Of Vaginal Microbiota Is Involved In Impairment And Protection Of uterine health. – Jinfeng Wang – Nature Communications

Veillonellaceae family members uniquely alter the cervical metabolic microenvironment in a human three-dimensional epithelial model – Mary E Salliss – NPJ Biofilms And Microbiomes

Metagenome-wide Association Study Of Gut Microbiome Revealed Potential Microbial marker set for diagnosis of pediatric myasthenia gravis. – Peng Liu – BMC Medicine

Review: Theranostic Cells: Emerging Clinical Applications Of Synthetic Biology – Monica P McNerney – Nature Reviews Genetics

Review: Current And Future Biomarkers In Alcoholic Hepatitis – Stephanie M Rutledge – Clinics In Liver Disease

Review: Role Of Bile Acids In Inflammatory Liver Diseases – Ioannis Evangelakos – Seminars In Immunopathology

Microbiome, Food and Diet

Review: Interference Of Dietary Polyphenols With Potentially Toxic Amino Acid Metabolites derived from the colonic microbiota – Naschla Gasaly – Amino Acids

Suppressed Inflammation In Obese Children Induced By A High-fiber Diet Is Associated with the attenuation of gut microbial virulence factor genes. – Hui Li – Virulence

Technological And Environmental Features Determine The Uniqueness Of The Lambic Beer Microbiota And Production Process – Dries Bongaerts – Applied And Environmental Microbiology

Role Of Dietary Fiber In Safeguarding Intestinal Health After Pelvic Radiotherapy – Cecilia Bull – Current Opinion In Supportive And Palliative Care

Animal Microbiome

Captivity Reduces Diversity And Shifts Composition Of The Brown Kiwi Microbiome – Priscilla A San Juan – Animal Microbiome

Plant Microbiome

Nitrogen Deficiency-induced Bacterial Community Shifts In Soybean Roots – Wataru Yazaki – Microbes And Environments

Review: Metabolic Interactions In Beneficial Microbe Recruitment By Plants – Davar Abedini – Current Opinion In Biotechnology

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Matrix Effects On The Delivery Efficacy Of Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12 on Fecal Microbiota, Gut Transit Time, and Short-Chain Fatty Acids in Healthy Young Adults – Zhaoyong Ba – mSphere

Exopolysaccharides From Lactobacillus plantarum NCU116 Facilitate Intestinal Homeostasis by Modulating Intestinal Epithelial Regeneration and Microbiota. – Xingtao Zhou – Journal Of Agricultural And Food Chemistry

Effect Of Herbal Medicine Daikenchuto On Gastrointestinal Symptoms Following laparoscopic colectomy in patients with colon cancer: A prospective randomized study. – Keita Hanada – Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & Pharmacotherapie

Effects of co-fermented collagen peptide-jackfruit juice on the immune response and gut microbiota in immunosuppressed mice. – Tingting Ma – Food Chemistry

Review: Bacteriophage-mediated Modulation Of Microbiota For Diseases Treatment – Yu Zhang – Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews


Whole-Genome Sequencing Of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Directly From Sputum Samples – Amanda Claire Brown – Methods In Molecular Biology 

RecT Recombinase Expression Enables Efficient Gene Editing In Enterococcus – Victor Chen – Applied And Environmental Microbiology

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