October 13, 2017

Today’s digest is short and sweet. Thought-provoking reviews on microbial community dynamics and more.

General Microbiome

Host effects on microbiota community assembly.

Näpflin K. Journal of Animal Ecology

Structural host-microbiota interaction networks.

Guven-Maiorov E. Plus Computational Biology

  REVIEW: Microbiome: Diving deeper into the communities.

Du Toit A. Nature Reviews Microbiology

REVIEW: Stochastic Community Assembly: Does It Matter in Microbial Ecology?

Zhou J. Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews

Human Gut Microbiome

The preadolescent acne microbiome: A prospective, randomized, pilot study investigating characterization and effects of acne therapy.

Coughlin CC. Pediatric Dermatology

Gut microbiome and its role in cardiovascular diseases.

Ahmadmehrabi S. Current Opinions in Cardiology

MicroRNAs-Based Inter-Domain Communication between the Host and Members of the Gut Microbiome.

Williams MR. Frontiers in Microbiology

Steroids, Stress, and the Gut Microbiome-Brain Axis.

Tetel MJ. Journal Neuroendocrinology


Plant and soil microbiome

Community Structure of Active Aerobic Methanotrophs in Red Mangrove (Kandelia obovata) Soils Under Different Frequency of Tides.

Shiau YJ. Microbial Ecology

Root transcriptional dynamics induced by beneficial rhizobacteria and microbial immune elicitors reveal signatures of adaptation to mutualists.

Stringlis IA. The Plant Journal

Nasal Microbiome

The commensal lifestyle of Staphylococcus aureus and its interactions with the nasal microbiota.

Krismer B. Nature Reviews Microbiology

Animal experiments and microbiome

Antibiotics, gut microbiome, and obesity.

Leong KSW. Clinical Endocrionology

The sponge microbiome project.

Moitinho-Silva L. Gigascience.


Erratum: Strains, functions and dynamics in the expanded Human Microbiome Project.

Lloyd-Price J. Nature

Correction to: More than 2500 years of oil exposure shape sediment microbiomes with the potential for syntrophic degradation of hydrocarbons linked to methanogenesis.

Michas A. Microbiome.

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