Microbiome Medicine Summit, part 3 – Gittleman

Here is another transcript from the Microbiome Medicine Summit – a talk by Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, Nutritionist called: “Parasites May be the Hidden Cause of Your Health Issues“. Here is what Wikipedia’s entry about her has to say about her PhD degree:

In 2002 she was given a PhD in Holistic Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health, an unaccredited and now defunct diploma mill whose notable graduates are surrounded in controversy. In 2010, Clayton College closed due to financial difficulties.

Also note how in her talk, she first tries to scare the audience about an invisible (and non-existing!) problem, then will offer a solution: her cleansing products. Also note that, when asked for possible signs for parasite infection, she will list a long list of health conditions most of us might experience. Also note that she says that most of these parasites cannot be detected by conventional tests. Finally, note that she states to not use probiotics during parasite cleaning, but that her own Colon Cleanse kit contains…. probiotics.

Start of (partial) transcript:

This is a very strange subject for someone like myself. I have always been involved with English and drama and religion and metaphysics.

Many many years ago, I studied with a woman …. who changed my whole career in 5 days. It was Dr Hazel Parcells who taught me that 8 out 10 of all Americans – and this was back in 1974 – were infested with of one or more parasites.

In that little class, she showed all of these creatures that came out of all of these individuals who did parasite cleanses.

So we all went on the program, and sure enough, many of our health problems in those days truly did disappear or certainly dissapated, and we learned how parasites were the most immunosuppresive agent in the human body. And I dare to say today, with the human microbiome, it is still a problem that is not being detected, not being suspected (inaudible) need to be treated.

Dr. Parcells was very ahead or her time. She was able to diagnose individuals using a sample of blood and she was extraordinarily accurate.

It was an 8-day milk diet. (…) It was her belief that the milk acted as bait for the parasites, they came out of their hiding places, because many of them live within the gut wall. Which is why when you do traditional stool samples, you don’t see them.

The milk acted as bait, it took them out of the gut wall, and then she zapped them with a speciality blend of herbs.

Quite frankly, we saw all kinds of things coming out.

Host Raphael Kellman: What does the average person do today? Cause you can’t really test for it, the tests are not very accurate, they miss it most of the time. What should they do next?

ALG: Number 1. There are a lot of foods that really help to debilitate parasites. One of them (…) is the cranberry. These are very tart fruits that are quite rich in organic acids. They break down their protein structure, and then stimulating the release of parasitic wastes. So on a daily basis I would suggest for a 2-3 week stint that you do my CranWater daily.

Number 2: Pumpkin seeds on a daily basis. In that way, you clear up any parasite infection by at least 25%.
Another one is garlic. Another one is cayenne peppers. Parasites cannot take the heat.
They really love instant sugars.

Host: Who should be suspicious that they may have parasites hurting their microbiome and their gut?

ALG: If you have symptoms with your intestines, constant constipation or diarrhea or gas, that is not due to certain sensitivities or any other situation, then I really think that you have to suspect parasites. If you’ve gut unresolved joint or muscle pain (…) if you have difficulty sleeping and are constantly waking up between 1 to 3 I would suspect parasites. If you got frequent infections, if you got cold or yeast infections, or any kind of autoimmune situation, think of the parasites. Anxiety, nervousness, depression –

Q What about cancer?

ALG: Well we gotta be very careful but one of my great parasitologist friends .. told me he had never seen a case of cancer that also wasn’t accompanied by parasites. He always cleared out parasites first and foremost, which then led to the development of the parasite products that I have developed and promoted for the last 25 years.

So I’ll tell you that parasites are a real problem, no matter what disease you’re suffering from or if you wanna look good.

It is so amazing to think of all of the seemingly disconnected symptoms and effects of the lowly parasites that behooves all of us, like Europeans to eat certain foods or take certain herbs or bitters to try to eliminate these things from the digestive tract.

Q What are your favorite herbs to reduce or eliminate worms?

ALG: The favorite herb that we put into our product which is my colon cleansing kit is one that you won’t find in any other. and it’s because of the research I was able to do. That herb is Centaury. It allows the parasites to release all their hookers or sucker agents from your gut.

The nutrients that parasites don’t do well with, would be the zinc and vitamin A. They don’t seem to hold on to the intestinal lining as prolifically in the presence of the vitamin A and the zinc.

Q What’s the connection between these parasites and the microbiome?

If you have a healthy microbiome, these little buggers can’t exist. It’s very simple.
We gotta be eating foods that are very high in fermenting agents.

Q Do you recommend fermented foods to everyone across the board?

ALG: No, I don’t. I very rarely recommend that to individuals who have a lot of GI problems, because it creates so much more gas and discomfort.

I have found that the same conditions that give root to parasites or protozoa are those that actually feed back to pathogenic bacteria. So a course of the treatment that I recommend is the My Colon Cleansing kit which has natural herbs that are also very antibacterial.

I was taught, that when you are clearing out parasites, one should not be taking any kind of probiotics or beneficial bacteria because it would actually feed and strengthening the parasites. (taking probiotics/fermented foods) comes later in the entire protocol.

After that first inititial weakening of the agents that are crowding out the microbiome, and are feeding off of the microbiome, we then add back a healthy probiotic.

A microbiome imbalance and a parasite issue, they always go together.

Q Tell us the symptoms that might point to the possibility that there is a microbiome/parasite issue?

ALG: GERD is a primary symptom. Indigestion. A weakened lower esophageal sphincter muscle. That’s for starters. I would also say that IBS may be connected, Crohn’s disease, constipation, diarrhea. Allergy, majorly connected. Joint and muscle aches and pains in arthritis. Skin conditions, very connected because the skin is a detoxification organ.

Q Do you feel there is any value in stool testing?

Many of these little critters live in the small intestine, not in the large intestine, some of them live in the intestinal wall so you are not seeing them in a stool sample, and then they may not be reproducing at the time you take the stool sample. They are most active the 4 days before and after the full moon. I’ve always seen much better results around that time.

(ALG talking about all the great parasitologists who passed away.)

I’ve always been interested. A search for God is what I call it. I studied many of the religions, but I love all the religions where I feel there is some kind of truth.
Maybe this was a search of truth. I don’t know. Truly I think there’re underlying issues, underlying laws of nature, of God, that we all have to observe because if we don’t we get into trouble.


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