August 21, 2015

Gut microbiota in Malaysian children, humanized microbiota mice, and ecosystem productivity in surface marine waters. Happy weekend!

Human respiratory microbiome

Association of Mucosal Organisms with Patterns of Inflammation in Chronic Rhinosinusitis – Thanit Chalermwatanachai – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

Relatively little data given on socioeconomic status, but that appears to be much greater factor than ehtnicity – if you read scarce information in methods.
Effect of ethnicity and socioeconomic variation to the gut microbiota composition among pre-adolescent in Malaysia – Chun Wie Chong – Scientific Reports

Review: Intestinal Fucose as a Mediator of Host–Microbe Symbiosis – Joseph M. Pickard – The Journal of Immunology

Animal models

Characterization of the Genital Microenvironment of Female Rhesus Macaques Prior to and After SIV Infection – Whitney A. Nichols – American Journal of Reproductive Immunology

Humanized microbiota mice as a model of recurrent Clostridium difficile disease – James Collins – Microbiome

Water microbiome

Ecosystem productivity is associated to bacterial phylogenetic distance in surface marine waters – Pierre E. Galand – Molecular Ecology

Waste water microbiology

Thesis: The Effects of Perturbations on Microbial Community Dynamics and Process Performance in Wastewater Bioreactors – Hari Seshan – University of California, Davis


Review: Molecular biology-based methods for quantification of bacteria in mixed culture: perspectives and limitations – Karthiga Nagarajan – Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Microbes in the news

Autoimmune eye infection caused by bacteria in the gut – Mohan Garikiparithi – Bel Marra Health

The Brain-Gut Axis, Part 3 – The Gut Microbiota In Disease – Sara Adaes – Brain Blogger

Workshop on microbiology conducted – The Hindu

Podcast: Forensic Microbiology Part 2: Secrets of Soil – SocGenMicro at Soundcloud

How long have primates been infected with viruses related to HIV? – EurekAlert

Bik’s Picks

‘Mutant’ Lice More Hype Than Headache: Treatment failure doesn’t equal clinical resistance – Hanneke Weitering – MedPageToday

Doctors Behaving Badly: Annals of Internal Medicine published an anonymous essay recounting two appalling incidents – Roni Caryn Rabin – New York Times

Humans are now a unique class of ‘super-predators’ thanks to ‘wickedly efficient killing technology’: study – Randy Shore – National Post

Most Of Us Have Disgusting Contact Lens Habits – Rachael Rettner – LiveScience



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