Non-human microbiomes, June 10

Plants vs viruses and dead mice vs soil microbes. Who will win?

Plant microbiome

Virus vs platnVirus versus Host Plant MicroRNAs: Who Determines the Outcome of the Interaction? – Fatemeh Maghuly – PLOS ONE

“Different viral pre-miRNA hairpin sequences and viral miR/miR* length variants occurring as isomiRs were predicted in both viruses. These miRNAs were located in three Open Reading Frames (ORFs) and in the Intergenic Region (IR). “

Soil microbiome

deadbodiesVertebrate Decomposition is Accelerated by Soil Microbes – Christian L. Lauber – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

“Our results indicate that mice placed on soil with intact microbial communities reach advanced stages of decomposition 2-3 times faster than those placed on sterile soil.”

FEMS Microbiology EcologyBacterial community structure and soil properties of a subarctic tundra soil in Council, Alaska – Hye Min Kim – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

“The bacterial community was analyzed by pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes, and the following soil properties were analyzed: soil moisture content (MC), pH, total carbon (TC), total nitrogen (TN), and inorganic nitrogen (NH4+ and NO3-). “

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.06.06 AMAntimony-Oxidizing Bacteria Isolated from Antimony Contaminated Sediment – A Phylogenetic Study – Van Khanh Nguyen – Geomicrobiology Journal

“Phylogenetic study showed that the Sb(III)-oxidizing bacteria fell within two subdivisions of Proteobacteria.”


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