January 18, 2023

Human oral microbiome

[PRIMER]A possible role for taste receptor cells in surveying the oral microbiome – Heisey & McCluskey – PLOS Biology

Type II taste cells participate in mucosal immune surveillance – Qin et al. – PLOS One

Human gut microbiome

[NEWS]How our microbiome is shaped by family, friends and even neighbours – Callaway – Nature

The person-to-person transmission landscape of the gut and oral microbiomes – Valles-Colomer et al. – Nature

[REVIEW]The gut microbiota in obesity and weight management: microbes as friends or foe? – van Hul & Cani – Nature Reviews Endocrinology

Dynamics of the gut microbiome, IgA response, and plasma metabolome in the development of pediatric celiac disease – Girdhar et al. – Microbiome

Multi-omics profiles of the intestinal microbiome in irritable bowel syndrome and its bowel habit subtypes – Jacobs et al. – Microbiome

Microbiome Features Differentiating Unsupervised-Stratification-Based Clusters of Patients with Abnormal Glycometabolism – Xu et al. – mBio

Gut Bacterial Dysbiosis in Irritable Bowel Syndrome: a Case-Control Study and a Cross-Cohort Analysis Using Publicly Available Data Sets – Kim, Lee & Shim – Microbiology Spectrum

Harnessing gut microbes for glycan detection and quantification – Modesto, Pearce & Townsend Il – Nature Communications

The gut-microbiota-brain axis in a Spanish population in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic: microbiota composition linked to anxiety, trauma, and depression profiles – Malan – Müller et al. – Gut Microbes

Animal microbiome

Expanded catalogue of metagenome-assembled genomes reveals resistome characteristics and athletic performance-associated microbes in horse – Li et al. – Microbiome

The bovine foot skin microbiota is associated with host genotype and the development of infectious digital dermatitis lesions – Bay et al. – Microbiome

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

A framework for the targeted recruitment of crop-beneficial soil taxa based on network analysis of metagenomics data – Merihu et al. – Microbiome

Diversity and functional analysis of rumen and fecal microbial communities associated with dietary changes in crossbreed dairy cattle – Kibegwa et al. – PLOS One


Multi-amplicon microbiome data analysis pipelines for mixed orientation sequences using QIIME2: Assessing reference database, variable region and pre-processing bias in classification of mock bacterial community samples – Maki et al. – PLOS One

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