April 6, 2021

Human gut microbiome

Thousands of previously unknown phages discovered in whole-community human gut metagenomes – Benler et al. – Microbiome

*Elevated rates of horizontal gene transfer in the industrialized human microbiome – Groussin et al. – Cell

Animal microbiome

Combined effects of composting and antibiotic administration on cattle manure–borne antibiotic resistance genes – Keenum et al. – Microbiome

Swine growth promotion with antibiotics or alternatives can increase antibiotic resistance gene mobility potential – Muurinen et al. – Scientific Reports


Using high-abundance proteins as guides for fast and effective peptide/protein identification from human gut metaproteomic data – Stamboulian et al. – Microbiome

High throughput sequencing provides exact genomic locations of inducible prophages and accurate phage-to-host ratios in gut microbial strains – Zünd et al. – Microbiome

A comprehensive metagenomics framework to characterize organisms relevant for planetary protection – Danko et al. – Microbiome

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