May 29, 2020

Good Friday, everyone. Today the Microbiome Digest brings you a variety of the latest microbiome-related publications. Have a nice weekend.


Treatments in the COVID-19 pandemic: an update on clinical trials – Tao – Expert Opinion on Emerging Drug

Ozone Treatment for Elimination of Bacteria and SARS-CoV2 for Medical Environments – Westover et al. – bioRxiv

Coronavirus, as a source of pandemic pathogens – Konishi – bioRxiv

Nature news

Are women publishing less during the pandemic? Here’s what the data say

Coronavirus vaccine trials have delivered their first results — but their promise is still unclear

How to address the coronavirus’s outsized toll on people of colour

Human Microbiome

The role of gastric microbiota in gastric cancer – Stewart et al. – Gut Microbes

Ongoing Supplementation of Probiotics to Cesarean-Born Neonates during the First Month of Life may Impact the Gut Microbial – Yan et al. – Am J Perinatol

Animal experiments

Genetics but not intestinal microbiota determines the onset of systemic autoimmune disease in BXD2 mice – Hong et al. – The Journal of Immunology

Metabolic cooperation among commensal bacteria supports Drosophila juvenile growth under nutritional stress – Consuegra et al. – bioRxiv

Animal microbiome

Exploring the eukaryotic diversity in rumen of Indian camel (Camelus dromedarius) using 18S rRNA amplicon sequencing – Mishra et al. – Archives of Microbiology

Microbial metabolomics

IBD Microbial Metabolome: The Good, Bad, and Unknown – Sidebottom and Chang – Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism

Environmental microbiology

Microbial Consortiums of Hydrogenotrophic Methanogenic Mixed Cultures in Lab-Scale Ex-Situ Biogas Upgrading Systems under Dierent Conditions of Temperature, pH and CO – Xu et al. – Microorganisms

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Livestock grazing abandonment reduces soil microbial activity and carbon storage in a Mediterranean Dehesa – Oggioni et al. – Applie Soil Ecology

Halotolerant plant growth–promoting bacteria: Prospects for alleviating salinity stress in plants – Etesami & Glick – Environmental and Experimental Botany

Fertilization changes soil microbiome functioning, especially phagotrophic protists – Zhao et a. – Soil Biology and Biochemestry

Effect of combined application of organic and inorganic phosphatic fertilizers on dynamic of microbial biomass in semi-arid soil – Khosa et al.- Soil Science Annual

High levels of primary biogenic organic aerosols are driven by only a few plant-associated microbial taxa – Abdoulaye et al. – Atmospheric Chemestry & Physics

Complexity of bacterial and fungal network increases with soil aggregate size in an agricultural Inceptisol – Liao et al. – Applied Soil Ecology

Azole use in agriculture reduces Aspergillus fumigatus abundance but does not alter its population structure – Barber et al. – bioRxiv


Food microbiology

Novel Approaches to Minimising Mycotoxin Contamination – Jovita and Nunez – Toxins

Mentholation triggers brand-specific shifts in the bacterial microbiota of commercial cigarette products – Malayil et al. – Applied Microbial and Cell Physiology

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