May 23, 2020

Good Saturday, everyone. Today the Microbiome Digest brings you the latest on plant-microbial interaction and environmental microbiology together with a variety of your usual microbiome related publications. Enjoy!.

Human respiratory microbiome

A prevalent and culturable microbiota links ecological balance to clinical stability of the human lung after transplantation -Das et al.- bioRxiv

Human gut microbiome

A quantitative sequencing framework for absolute abundance measurements of mucosal and lumenal microbial communities -Barlow et al.- Nature Communications

Gut Microbiota and Disorders of the Central Nervous System – Vuotto et al.- Neuroscientist

Animal experiments

Intestinal fungi are causally implicated in microbiome assembly and immune development in mice– Erik van Tilburg Bernardes et al.- Nature Communications

Linking perturbations to temporal changes in diversity, stability, and compositions of neonatal calf gut microbiota: prediction of diarrhea -Ma et a.- ISME

Built environment

Continental-scale microbiome study reveals different environmental characteristics determining microbial richness and composition/quantity in hotel rooms -Fu et al.- mSystems

Environmental Microbiology

Extreme storms cause rapid, context-dependent shifts in nearshore subtropical bacterial communities -Ares et al.- bioRxiv

Mimicking climate warming effects on Alaskan soil microbial communities via gradual temperature increase – Ballhausen et al.- Scientific Reports

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Deciphering the root endosphere microbiome of the desert plant Alhagi sparsifolia for drought resistance-promoting bacteria -Zhang et al.- Applied and

Drought and plant litter chemistry alter microbial gene expression and metabolite production -Malik et al.- ISME

Genome-scale metabolic reconstruction of the symbiosis between a leguminous plant and a nitrogen-fixing bacterium– DiCenzo et al.- Nature Communications

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