April 29, 2020

Hello Everyone. Today the Microbiome Digest brings you the latest on Plant-microbial interaction together with a variety of your usual microbiome related research publications. Enjoy.


Neuraxial anaesthesia and peripheral nerve blocks during the COVID-19 pandemic: a literature review and practice recommendations. – Uppal V. et al. – Anaesthesia.

General microbiome:

The link between autism spectrum disorder and gut microbiota: A scoping review – Nitschke A. et al. – Autism.

General microbiome:

Combined bacterial and fungal targeted amplicon sequencing of respiratory samples: Does the DNA extraction method matter? – Angebault C. et al. – PloS One.

Randomised clinical trial: faecal microbiota transplantation versus autologous placebo administered via colonoscopy in irritable bowel syndrome. – Lahtinen et al. – Aliment Pharmacol Ther.

High L-carnitine ingestion impairs liver function by disordering gut bacteria composition in mice. – Wu Q. et al. – J Agric Food Chem.

Plant, root, and soil microbiome:

Microbiome-Mediated Stress Resistance in Plants – Liu H et al. – Trends in Plant Science.

A plant genetic network for preventing dysbiosis in the phyllosphere – Chen T et al. – Nature.

Harnessing rhizosphere microbiomes for drought-resilient crop production – de Vries et al. – Science

Plant nutrient‐acquisition strategies drive topsoil microbiome structure and function – Bahram et al. – New Phytologist.

Impacts of directed evolution and soil management legacy on the maize rhizobiome – Schmidt JE et al. – Soil Biology and Biochemistry.

Environmental microbiome:

Metal-induced bacterial interactions promote diversity in river-sediment microbiomes. – Cyriaque V. et al. – FEMW Microbiol Ecol.

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