October 21, 2019

Good Morning! Highlights of today’s digest include malaria parasite control by a symbiont: investigation of a host immune response and mosquito development in responds to the mosquito symbiont Asaia. On a relating note, please also check out Parasite Microbiome Project, which aims to provide interactive centralized platform and resources for researchers to dissect complex interactions between parasites, hosts and their respective microbiota. Finally, a plant-microbe interactions study aimed to define a core microbiota of wheat crop and a possibility to use certain microbial taxa for management of stripe rust, a widely occuring wheat leaf disease.

General microbiome
*Asaia Activates Immune Genes in Mosquito Eliciting an Anti-Plasmodium Response: Implications in Malaria Control – Cappelli et al. – Frontiers in Genetics

*Opinion: Parasite microbiome project: Grand challenges – Dheilly et al. – PLOS PATHOGENS

Human oral microbiome
Deep metagenomics examines the oral microbiome during dental caries, revealing novel taxa and co-occurrences with host molecules – Baker et al. – bioRxiv

Human gut microbiome
Review: Is there any association between gut microbiota and type 1 diabetes? A systematic review – Jamshidi et al. – Gut Pathogens

Differential Effects of Typical Korean Versus American-Style Diets on Gut Microbial Composition and Metabolic Profile in Healthy Overweight Koreans: A Randomized Crossover Trial – Shin et al. – Nutrients

Animal experiments
Colonic Microbiota and Metabolites Response to Different Dietary Protein Sources in a Piglet Model – Li et al. – Frontiers in Nutrition

Antibiotics and Host-Tailored Probiotics Similarly Modulate Effects on the Developing Avian Microbiome, Mycobiome, and Host Gene Expression – Ward et al. – mBio

Evaluation of the bacterial ocular surface microbiome in clinically normal cats before and after treatment with topical erythromycin – Darden et al. – PLOS ONE

Animal microbiome
Effects of Nutritional Deprivation and Re-Alimentation on the Feed Efficiency, Blood Biochemistry, and Rumen Microflora in Yaks (Bos grunniens) – Zou et al. – MDPI Animals

Plant, root and soil microbiome
* Wheat‐associated microbiota and their correlation with stripe rust reaction – Dai et al. – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Prophage induction mediated by quorum sensing signals alters soil bacterial community structure – Liang et al. – bioRxiv

Water and extremophile microbiome
Chemical and biological dispersants differently affect the bacterial communities of uncontaminated and oil-contaminated marine water – de Almeida Couto et al. – Brazilian Journal of Microbiology

Shift of Sediments Bacterial Community in the Black-Odor Urban River during In Situ Remediation by Comprehensive Measures – Zhang et al. – MDPI Water

Built environment
Pathogen surveillance in the informal settlement, Kibera, Kenya, using a metagenomics approach – Hendriksen et al. – PLOS ONE

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