Aug 26, 2018

Good morning! Today’s Microbiome Digest will cover the general microbiome, skin microbiome, human gut microbiome, animal microbiome, a new technique NetoVIR for viral metagenomics, microbiome market and microbiome in the news. Enjoy reading.

General microbiome

Review: A comparative review on microbiota manipulation: lessons from fish, plants, livestock and human research – Sylvia Brugman – Frontiers in Nutrition

Skin microbiome

Antibacterial soap use impacts skin microbial communities in rural Madagascar – James J. Yu – PLOSONE

Skin microbiome of coral reef fish is highly variable and driven by host phylogeny and diet – Marlène Chiarello – Microbiome

Multi-site human microbiome

Identification and Visualization of a Distinct Microbiome in Ocular Surface Conjunctival Tissue – Jerome Ozkan – Immunology and Microbiology

Human gut microbiome

Age-Related Changes in the Gut Microbiota Influence Systemic Inflammation and Stroke Outcome – Monica S. Spychala – Annals of Neurology

Animal microbiome

A Comparative Study of Serum Biochemistry, Metabolome and Microbiome Parameters of Clinically Healthy, Normal Weight, Overweight, and Obese Companion Dogs – Genevieve M. Forster – Topics in Companion Animal Medicine

Synergetic action between the rumen microbiota and bovine health – Mohamed Zeineldin – Microbial Pathogenesis

Dietary corn bran improved the diversity of microbial communities and IL-10 production in weaned pigs – Ping Liu – Frontiers in Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Taxonomic and Functional Changes of Bacterial Communities in the Rhizosphere of Kimchi Cabbage After Seed Bacterization with Proteus vulgaris JBLS202 – Dipto Bhattacharyya – The Plant Pathology Journal

Water and extremophile microbiome

Preprint: Copper affects composition and functions of microbial communities in marine biofilms at environmentally relevant concentrations – Natàlia Corcoll – PeerJ


Machine learning meets genome assembly – Kleber Padovani de Souza – Briefings in Bioinformatics


NetoVIR: Modular Approach to Customize Sample Preparation Procedures for Viral Metagenomics – Nádia Conceição-Neto – The Human Virome

Microbiome in the news

Gut Feeling: The Microbiome and Mental Health

Chronic malnutrition in children: A new gut microbial signature – Institut Pasteur

Microbiome market

Human Microbiome Market Expected to Grow at a CAGR of 20.9% During 2018 to 2025

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