December 28, 2017

Not many microbiome articles today, but a good selection non the less! Dysbiosis and obesity in humans, effects of hay on suckling calfs, and MPLasso to Infer microbial association networks.

Human respiratory microbiome

The impact of persistent bacterial bronchitis on the pulmonary microbiome of children – Leah Cuthbertson – PLOS ONE

Human vaginal microbiome

The vaginal microbiome and sexually transmitted infections are interlinked: Consequences for treatment and prevention – Janneke H. H. M. van de Wijgert – PLOS Medicine

Human gut microbiome

Dysbiosis Signatures of Gut Microbiota Along the Sequence from Healthy, Young Patients to Those with Overweight and Obesity – Renyuan Gao – Obesity

The NLR Protein NLRP6 Does Not Impact Gut Microbiota Composition – Paul Lemire – Cell Reports


Animal experiments

Effect of hay supplementation timing on rumen microbiota in suckling calves – Xueyan Lin – MicrobiologyOpen

Shaping of Intestinal Microbiota in Nlrp6- and Rag2-Deficient Mice Depends on Community Structure – Eric J.C. Gálvez – Cell Reports

Animal microbiome

Associations between Escherichia coli O157 shedding and the fecal microbiota of dairy cows – Chloe Stenkamp-Strahm – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Taxonomic differences of gut microbiomes drive cellulolytic enzymatic potential within hind-gut fermenting mammals – Emma C. L. Finlayson-Trick – PLOS ONE

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Shift of allelochemicals from Sorghum halepense in the soil and their effects on the soil’s bacterial community – Hongjuan Huang – Weed Biology and Management



MPLasso: Inferring microbial association networks using prior microbial knowledge – Chieh Lo – PLOS Computational Biology

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