April 30, 2017

A review on how the human microbiome has changed from that of primates, plus articles on biofilm formation in soils, and the influence of microbiomes on bone and psychological health are just a few of the articles highlighted in todays Biks Picks!

Analysis of stability to cheaters in models of antibiotic degrading microbial communities – András Szilágyi – Journal of Theoretical Biology

Human vaginal microbiome

Vaginal ecosystem modeling of growth patterns of anaerobic bacteria in microaerophilic conditions – Audrie A. Medina-Colorado – Anaerobe

Human gut microbiome

Opinion: The shrinking human gut microbiome – Andrew H Moeller – Current Opinion in Microbiology

Review: Osteomicrobiology: The influence of gut microbiota on bone in health and disease – Rheinallt M. Jones – Bone

The Role of the Microbiome in Bipolar Disorder-A New Model – Robert Yolken – Biological Psychiatry

Gut Microbiome and Brain Functional Connectivity in Infants: A Preliminary Study Focusing on the Amygdala – Andrew Salzwedel – Biological Psychiatry

Gut Microbiota Distributions Predict Mood Disorder Symptoms and Mediate Dietary Interactions – Brittany Mason – Biological Psychiatry

Antimicrobial resistance in the Bacteroides fragilis group in faecal samples from patients receiving broad-spectrum antibiotics – Kia Cirkeline Møller Hansen – Anaerobe

Animal experiments

Impact of faecal microbiota transplantation on mouse digestive colonization with two extensively resistant bacteria – Rafael Mahieu – Journal of Infection

Changes of cecal microflora in chickens following Eimeria tenella challenge and regulating effect of coated sodium butyrate – Zuoyong Zhou – Experimental Parasitology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Preprint: Bacterial Biofilm Formation On Soil Fungi: A Widespread Ability Under Controls – Cora Miquel Guennoc – BioRxiv

Laboratory persistence in soil of thiacloprid, pendimethalin and fenarimol incubated with treated wastewater and dissolved organic matter solutions. Contribution of soil biota – José Antonio Rodríguez-Liébana – Chemosphere

Food microbiology

Effect of different marinating conditions on the evolution of spoilage microbiota and metabolomic profile of chicken breast fillets – Anastasia E. Lytou – Food Microbiology

Probiotics / prebiotics

A combination of the probiotic and prebiotic product can prevent the germination of Clostridium difficile spores and infection – M. Rätsep – Anaerobe

Gut microbiota-mediated pharmacokinetics of ginseng saponins – Dong-Hyun Kim – Journal of Ginseng Research

Microbes in the news

Rumblings of Parkinson’s: Gut Microbiome Shifts in Early Stage of Disease – ALZFORUM

Yersinia pestis, the plague bacteria, can survive inside Acanthamoeba for protection -OutBreakNewsToday

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