February 18, 2017

Events and jobs

Assistant Professor – Pathogen and Microbiome Institute at Northern Arizona University

Assistant Professor – Biochem & Microbiology at Rutgers University

Expert Panel Discussions to be Highlight of Agenda at the 3rd Annual Translational Microbiome Conference – prweb

General microbiome

Neutral and niche dynamics in a synthetic microbial community -NJ Cira – bioRxiv

Human respiratory microbiome

Indoor fungal diversity in primary schools may differently influence allergic sensitization and asthma in children – João Cavaleiro Rufo – Pediatric Allergy Immunology

Human gut microbiome

Mining the Human Gut Microbiota for Immunomodulatory Organisms – Naama Geva-Zatorsky – Cell

Animal experiments

The enteric nervous system promotes intestinal health by constraining microbiota composition – Annah S. Rolig – PLoS Biology

Biologists control gut inflammation by altering the abundance of resident bacteria – Science Daily

Drunk bugs: Chronic vapour alcohol exposure induces marked changes in the gut microbiome in mice – Veronica L. Peterson – Behavioural Brain Research

Mouse model of alcohol abuse shows microbiome changes – Taconic

Feeding a High Concentration Diet Induces Unhealthy Alterations in the Composition and Metabolism of Ruminal Microbiota and Host Response in a Goat Model – Canfeng Hua – Frontiers in Microbiology

Animal microbiome

Impact of levels of total digestible nutrients on microbiome, enzyme profile and degradation of feeds in buffalo rumen – Anju Kala – PLoS ONE

Immune system stimulation by the gut symbiont Frischella perrara in the honey bee (Apis mellifera) – Olivier Emery – Molecular Ecology

Integrating gut microbiota immaturity and disease-discriminatory taxa to diagnose the initiation and severity of shrimp disease – Jinbo Xiong – Environmental Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Linking soil biology and chemistry using bacterial isolate exometabolite profiles – Tami L Swenson – bioRxiv

Ecological and conventional viticulture gives rise to distinct fungal and bacterial microbial communities in vineyard soils – M. Likar – Applied Soil Ecology

Effects of land use on soil microbial biomass, activity and community structure at different soil depths in the Danube floodplain – J.P. van Leeuwen – European Journal of Soil Biology

*Review: How do Plants-Having Different Exudation Patterns Shape a Similar Microbial Community? – Pil Y – Journal of Botanical Sciences

Water and extremophile microbiome

Epiphytic bacterial communities of the alga Fucus vesiculosus in oil-contaminated water areas of the Barents Sea – D. V. Pugovkin – Doklady Biological Sciences

Warmer night-time temperature promotes microbial heterotrophic activity and modifies stream sediment community – Anna Freixa – Global Change Biology

Environmental degradation results in contrasting changes in the assembly processes of stream bacterial and fungal communities – Heikki Mykrä – Oikos

Built environment

Inoculum composition determines microbial community and function in an anaerobic sequential batch reactor – Allison R. Perrotta – PLoS ONE


*Review: A review of bioinformatics tools for bio-prospecting from metagenomic sequence data – Despoina Deppie Roumpeka – Frontiers in Genetics


Microfluidic droplet platform for ultrahigh-throughput single-cell screening of biodiversity – Stanislav S. Terekhov – PNAS

Microbes in the news

From mice, clues to microbiome’s influence on metabolic disease – EurekaAlert

Bacteria Hysteria

Dog parks ground zero for deadly bacteria? How to keep your pet safe from leptospirosis – ABC15

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