New book claiming cancer caused by pasteurized milk

One of my Google alerts pointed me towards the press release of a new book that claims to have found the cure to cancer: the lack of lactic acid bacteria in milk. The book is written by a Dutch writer called Don Elsman and is titled: “Cancer, Cause and Prevention”. Although the press release and book title were in English, the book is actually written in Dutch – which is my first language.

Here is the link to the book’s website.

Here is a short summary – If you are a true scientist it s hard to read this without your eyes starting to bleed.

Cancer is caused by an overgrowth of Candida in our bodies. Candida invasion is inhibited by lactic acid bacteria that make a layer of acid. This is true because Candida does not grow at pH 4. Since pasteurizing destroys the lactic acid bacteria in milk we are all going to die of cancer. 

The press release appears to be full of false statements, persons claiming to be doctors, non-existing universities and fake PhDs. I especially did not like the “I have discovered the cure for cancer – buy my book and I will tell you all about it” vibe. I lost my sister last year to cancer, and I am pretty sure that it was not caused by Candida overgrowth or milk.

Which led me to a Twitter rant that I tried to summarize in this Storify.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 11.33.56 PM.png

Storify: My rant about new book claiming cancer caused by pasteurized milk



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