Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! Unfortunately, Stanford University, where I work, has decided to not participate. Their daily Newsletter, which I get in my inbox every morning, today again does not feature any women.

The newsletter features 3 stories every day, with a picture next to it. Often these are VIPs who passed away, researchers, or a picture of the study object. It seems that men are more often pictured then women in this newsletter (I tracked it for a while in the past). Here are two older examples of what I mean. On the right, you see the Stanford Report. It features 2 photos of men, and 1 of a pile of garbage. But that story, about hoarding disorder, was an interview with a woman. Did Stanford really think that a pile of garbage is worth showing more than a photo of a Stanford professor?

Stanford Report, Feb 17 2016

Here is another example. On the right, you see the Stanford Report with three pictures, each of a “study object”. To the left, the first or leading authors whose pictures were not shown. All three happen to be women. The Report staff often appears to favor “object” photos over photos of female researchers.

Stanford Report, January 213 2016

Today, I had high hopes. It’s International Women’s Day, right? Stanford is going to let its female researchers and doctors shine, right?

But no. This is the Daily Newsletter of today. It features 2 pictures of “study objects” and 1 picture of a man. The two top articles however, refer to studies of which in both cases the lead author is a woman. Why does Stanford so often decide that a picture of the study object is more important than to let these first authors shine?

Stanford Report March 8 2016



2 thoughts on “Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Wow, that is pretty striking. This looks like a project ripe for the proper application of statistics. Though Stanford would probably not publish it in their Stanford Report…unless and man was the first or last author.


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