Environmental microbiome digest, May 29 2014

Today, we will learn about microbial communities in Petroleum “muck” and blue jeans.

Environmental microbiomes

  • Metagenomic Approach for Understanding Microbial Population from Petroleum Muck – M. N. Joshi – Genome Announcements –  “the first report which describes a next generation sequencing based study of microbial diversity from petroleum pipelines”
  • Opening session ASM 2014 (2h video): Microbes in Symbiosis, Signaling and at Sea – Michael Laub, Lora Hooper, Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
  • Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 4.53.06 PMCan You Really Clean Your Jeans By Freezing Them? – Sam Brock and Kinsey Kiriakos – NBC Bay Area – “We traveled to an environment that is filled with bacteria, the zoo, and showcased a brand new pair of Levi’s jeans while we fed the lemurs, handled worms, grazed with the goats and transplanted saliva from the local zebu (a species of cattle) onto the pants. Next, we took the jeans to the Stanford lab for analysis. Perez swabbed the jeans for bacteria, both inside and out, before we froze them overnight and after.”


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