October 14, 2022

Today’s digest features manipulation of crop microbiome to minimise impact of climate change on agricultural productivity, turtle microbiome, #microber2022, and more. Happy Friday!

See you next week at #MVIF!

Human microbiome

Review: Microbiome epidemiology and association studies in human health – Hannah VanEvery – Nature Reviews Genetics

Gut microbiome

The effects of fermented vegetable consumption on the composition of the intestinal microbiota and levels of inflammatory markers in women: A pilot and feasibility study – Amy E. Galena – PlosOne

Functional screens of barcoded expression libraries uncover new gene functions in carbon utilization among gut Bacteroidales – Yolanda Y. Huang – bioRxiv

Advancing human gut microbiota research by considering gut transit time – Nicola Procházková – Gut

Food Additive Emulsifiers and Their Impact on Gut Microbiome, Permeability, and Inflammation: Mechanistic Insights in Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Aaron S Bancil – Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis

Influence of the microbiome, diet and genetics on inter-individual variation in the human plasma metabolome – Lianmin Chen – Nature Medicine

Vaginal microbiome

N-glycosylation of cervicovaginal fluid reflects microbial community, immune activity, and pregnancy status – Gang Wu – Scientific Reports

Animal microbiome

*More than just hitchhikers: a survey of bacterial communities associated with diatoms originating from sea turtles Get access Arrow – Klara Filek – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Plant microbiome

*Next generation tools for crop-microbiome manipulation to mitigate the impact of climate change – Bruna D. Batista & Brajesh K. Singh – Environmental Microbiology

Soil microbiome

Defending Earth’s terrestrial microbiome – Colin Averill – Nature Microbiology


GTDB-Tk v2: memory friendly classification with the Genome Taxonomy Database – Pierre-Alain – Bioinformatics

binny: an automated binning algorithm to recover high-quality genomes from complex metagenomic datasets – Oskar Hickl – bioRxiv

VEBA: a modular end-to-end suite for in silico recovery, clustering, and analysis of prokaryotic, microeukaryotic, and viral genomes from metagenomes – Josh L. Espinoza & Chris L. Dupont – BMC Bioinformatics

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