September 12, 2020

Human vaginal microbiome
Lactobacillus species signature in association with term and preterm births from low-income group of Pakistan – Aslam et al. – The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine

Human gut microbiome
Long-term use of antibiotics and risk of type 2 diabetes in women: a prospective cohort study – Yuan et al. – International Journal of Epidemiology

The Impact of Diabetes on the Gut and Salivary IgA Microbiomes – Brown et al. – Infection and Immunity

Animal experiments
Effects of dietary replacement of soybean meal with dried distillers grains with solubles on the microbiota occupying different ecological niches in the rumen of growing Hu lambs – Shen et al. – Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology

Pathogen identification and epidemiological assessment in recirculation aquaculture system based on Illumina sequencing technology – Sugachenko et al. – Limnology and Freshwater Biology

How oral probiotics affect the severity of an experimental model of progressive multiple sclerosis? Bringing commensal bacteria into the neurodegenerative process – Mestre et al. – Gut Microbes

Animal microbiome
General Microbiota of the Soft TickOrnithodoros turicataParasitizing the Bolson Tortoise(Gopherus flavomarginatus) in the Mapimi BiosphereReserve, Mexico – Barraza-Guerrero et al. – Biology

Water and extremophile microbiome
Bioturbation by the marine polychaete Capitella teleta alters sediment microbial community by ingestion and defecation of sediment particles – Jang et al. – Science of the Total Environment

Bacteria in the lakes of the Tibetan Plateau and polar regions – Liu et al. – Science of the Total Enivornment

Sulfate-reducing bacterial community shifts in response to acid mine drainage in the sediment of the Hengshi watershed, South China – Bao et al. – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Review: Predictive interactome modeling for precision microbiome engineering – Kessell et al – Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering

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