Elisabeth Bik

Elisabeth Bik is the founder of the Microbiome Digest blog.


After receiving her PhD at Utrecht University in The Netherlands where she worked on epidemic Vibrio cholerae strains, Elisabeth Bik worked at the Dutch National Institute for Health and the St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein, where she set up a molecular microbiology unit for the detection and typing of clinical and nosocomial strains. In 2001, she joined the lab of David Relman in the School of Medicine at Stanford, where she worked on the characterization of the human microbiome in oral, gastric, and intestinal samples. In addition, she studied the microbiome of marine mammals. In May 2014, she founded Microbiome Digest, an almost daily compilation of scientific papers in the rapidly growing microbiome field. From 2016-2018, she worked at uBiome as their Science Editor, and later as the Scientific and Editorial Director. In December 2018, she joined Astarte Medical as their Director of Science. She can often be found discussing science papers on Twitter at @MicrobiomDigest. In her spare time, she searches the biomedical literature for inappropriately duplicated or manipulated photographic images and plagiarized text.

Papers and other writing

Elisabeth Bik’s scientific papers: PubMed search on Bik EM

Some of Elisabeth’s other written pieces

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