April 12, 2018

Of note today: non-exclusive breastfeeding increases the risk of HIV transmission via the alteration of gut microbiome/T-cell activation; Fasting altered the gut microbiome in beneficial ways but only in mice previously fed a high fat diet; An investigation into new species of the honey and bumblebee gut commensal genus Gilliamella; Catfish development shapes gut microbial community structure independent of […]

April 5, 2018

Of note today: An evaluation of multi-site human microbiome temporal stability over six months; The impacts of 1,000 non-antibiotic drugs on the in vitro gut microbiome; Caspase-1 might modulate the relationship between stress, the gut microbiome, inflammation and depressive-like behaviour in mice; And the impact of warming on the Antarctic soil microbiome Events and jobs […]

April 2, 2018

Have a good monday! Today, in Microbiome Digest: interesting papers about Clostridium difficile, the use of Fecal Microbiota Transplant, studies in mice model, effect of Lactobacillus on Candida, antibiotic-resistant bacteria in sewerage biofilms, and more!   Human/General Microbiome Diet, gut microbiota composition and feeding behavior – Jiyoung S. Kim – Physiology & Behavior Fecal Microbiota […]

March 26, 2018

Suggestions to read in today’s digest are: a review about microbiological methods applied in studies following the deepwater horizon oil spill by S.Zhang, a paper by W. Pootakham on dynamics of coral‐associated microbiomes during a thermal bleaching event and a paper by X. Jiang on a novel auxotrophic interaction among soil microbes. Enjoy! Oral microbiome […]

March 24, 2018

Events and jobs Senior Phage Display Scientist: Antibodies – Cambridgeshire, England – Paramount Recruitment General microbiome Metagenomic mining of regulatory elements enables programmable species-selective gene expression – Nathan I Johns – Nature Methods Pregnancy and early life Seeding of the Fetal Gut Microbiome: Insights Into Origins and Significance – LF Stinson – Journal of Paediatrics and […]

March 12, 2018

Today we have  interesting reviews by Thomas S.B. about gut microbiome and by F. Newberry about microbiome and virome contribution to myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome. Another highlight for viruses is a commentary by Y.Z. Zhang on how metagenomics has changed our understanding of RNA viruses. Check these recommendations as well as many other articles in today’s digest. […]

March 1, 2018

Quite a few articles on viruses today: The identification of human-like hormones in viral genomes that can bind to human and murine receptors; identification of multiple Antarctic sea-ice bacteriophages that are only active in the cold; bacterial immunity loss explains bacteria/phage co-existence; and the plans for a global virome project. Pregnancy and early life The […]

January 28, 2018

A preprint on the gut microbiome of few tribal groups in the Himalayan region; association between vaginal microbiota and HIV;   an integrative approach that encompasses  metatranscriptomics & fatty acid profiling to study the rumen microbiome during feeding;   environmental adaptation shapes the gut microbiota of Rhesus macaques;   microbiome of cactus rhizosphere;   news about uBiome; antibiotics;  and many […]

January 23, 2018

After the US government shutdown, today’s Digest features several human gut microbiome, food microbiology papers and many news pieces. There are some other highlights as well. A large longitudinal experiment in a tropical rain forest examines how soil microbes adapt genetically to nutrient changes in the soil. A synthetic enzyme rescues E. coli in iron-limited […]

December 31, 2017

A rich Digest to end 2017! There are several reviews on human gut microbiome and lots of papers on plant , root and soil microbiome. The airway microbiome is trending today and scientists are starting to examine rigorously the effect of herbal medicine on the gut microbiota. Happy Reading and Happy New Year! General microbiology […]