List of papers on Synthetic Microbial Communities

Today I found this new article in Wiley’s Environmental Microbiology:

Web Alert: Synthetic microbial communities: An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in environmental microbiology – Lawrence P. Wackett – Environmental Microbiology

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 02.58PM, Jun 24.png

As is made clear in the title, this is not a regular review or research article, but a list of links to websites on this topic. Unfortunately, some of these links are more helpful than others: not all will take you to the paper itself, some lead to websites of research groups, and one was not written in English. But what is most disturbing to me is that Wiley put this article behind a paywall, so many people will have to pay $38 to have access to this list of links.

This is not the first Link-Fest article that this author wrote; there are now 5 of these published in Environmental Microbiology. I wrote about another one from the same author in April on All of these “Web Alert” articles are listed as regular publications in PubMed. It looks as if this author has found an easy way to expand his publication list, and as if Environmental Microbiology has found an easy way to fill their pages and earn more money

If you are interested in this particular topic but don’t have access to this paper, here is MicrobiomeDigest to the rescue. I have copied the list, improved all links to directly go to the publisher’s website, and updated the list with some missing relevant papers. This collection of papers on synthetic microbial consortia is freely available on a new page called Synthetic Microbial Communities.

This might also be a  good moment to point out that I have made several of these lists of papers on a particular topic, and that you can find all of them here on my page called Microbiome Collection. You will find many topics here that might be of interest, or a good start to a literature search on a particular subject.  And all of them are free! Also note that these are Pages, not Posts. Enjoy!

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