June 24, 2016

Placenta samples not distinguishable from controls, gut microbiome in ME/CFS and PKU patients, childhood undernutrition, corals’ microbial sentinels, and plant root traps.

Pregnancy and birth

I was hoping for this study to be done: Comparison of placenta samples with contamination controls does not provide evidence for a distinct placenta microbiota – Abigail P. Lauder – Microbiome

Systematic review: Treatment of bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy in order to reduce the risk of spontaneous preterm delivery – a clinical recommendation – Thor Haahr – Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica

Human ear microbiome

The microbiome of otitis media with effusion – Chun Ling Chan – The Laryngoscope

Human gut microbiome

Reduced diversity and altered composition of the gut microbiome in individuals with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome – Ludovic Giloteaux – Microbiome

Phenylketonuria and Gut Microbiota: A Controlled Study Based on Next-Generation Sequencing – Felipe Pinheiro de Oliveira – PLOS ONE

Review: Childhood undernutrition, the gut microbiota, and microbiota-directed therapeutics – Laura V. Blanton – Science

Editorial: Gut microbiota and undernutrition – Caroline Ash – Science

Infection and microbiology

Role of Clinicogenomics in Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Public Health Microbiology – Lars F. Westblade – Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Novel Taxa Associated with Human Fungal Black-Grain Mycetomas: Emarellia grisea gen. nov., sp. nov., and Emarellia paragrisea sp. nov. – Andrew M. Borman – Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Sociomicrobiology and Pathogenic Bacteria – Joao B. Xavier – Microbiology Spectrum

Paleomicrobiology Data: Authentification and Interpretation – Michel Drancourt – Microbiology Spectrum

Animal experiments

Dietary fucoidan modulates the gut microbiota in mice by increasing the abundance of Lactobacillus and Ruminococcaceae – Qingsen Shang – Food & Function

Animal microbiome

Perspective: Corals’ microbial sentinels – Tracy D. Ainsworth – Science

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Escaping Underground Nets: Extracellular DNases Degrade Plant Extracellular Traps and Contribute to Virulence of the Plant Pathogenic Bacterium Ralstonia solanacearum – Tuan Minh Tran – PLOS Pathogens

Press: An ‘arms race’ raging beneath our plants: A crop’s DNA-laden root trap manages to hold on to only a quarter of its bacterial prisoners. – Amy Middleton – Cosmos Magazine

Responsiveness of soil nitrogen fractions and bacterial communities to afforestation in the Loess Hilly Region (LHR) of China – Chengjie Ren – Scientific Reports

Spatial Shifts in Soil Microbial Activity and Degradation of Pasture Cover Caused by Prolonged Exposure to Cement Dust – Fuensanta Caravaca – Land Degradation & Development

Water and extremophile microbiome

Biogeochemical and 16S rRNA gene sequence evidence supports a novel mode of anaerobic methanotrophy in permanently ice-covered Lake Fryxell, Antarctica – Matthew A. Saxton – Limnology and Oceanography

Food microbiology

The Microbiome and Metabolites in Fermented Pu-erh Tea as Revealed by High-Throughput Sequencing and Quantitative Multiplex Metabolite Analysis – Yongjie Zhang – PLOS ONE

More microbiology

Sugar Synthesis from CO2 in Escherichia coli – Niv Antonovsky – Cell

Press: Eating air, making fuel. Scientists engineer bacteria to create sugar from the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide – Science Daily

Not a scientific paper, just a list of links: Web Alert: Synthetic microbial communities: An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in environmental microbiology – Lawrence P. Wackett – Environmental Microbiology


High stability of faecal microbiome composition in guanidine thiocyanate solution at room temperature and robustness during colonoscopy – Yuichiro Nishimoto – Gut

Microbes in the news

New life form discovered in saliva is linked to human disease – Andy Coghlan – New Scientist

Seagulls Are Carrying a Dangerous Superbug Through the Skies – Maryn McKenna – National Geographic
Beware of Seagulls Carrying This Dangerous Superbug – Laura Lorenzetti – Fortune

Microbes In The Body Affect Success Of Organ Transplants: Study – Katrina Pascual -Tech Times

Scientists just found a compound that kills 98% of a drug-resistant bacteria – Fiona MacDonald – Science Alert

Milken Institute School of Public Health researchers awarded $7 million to study microbiome – Sera Royal – The GW Hatchet

Mycobacterium in olive oil for cancer treatment – EurekAlert

Scientists discover unsuspected bacterial link to bile duct cancer – MedicalXpress

Bik’s completely-not-microbiology Picks

The social dilemma of autonomous vehicles – Jean-François Bonnefon – Science

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  1. Have been catching up, and saw the paper about the placenta microbiota, or is there anyways? Learned something new today, thanks for your Digest, as always. 🙂 Of course the debate about autonomous cars is much more complicated that it seems!

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